Nevada Legislature | 2017 | 79th Legislature

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Active Nevada Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

SB145Revises provisions relating to energy. (BDR 58-54)2017-03-23
Notice of eligibility for exemption.
SB257Revises provisions relating to the welfare of children. (BDR 38-662)2017-03-23
Notice of eligibility for exemption.
SB248Revises provisions relating to pupils with disabilities. (BDR 34-328)2017-03-23
Notice of eligibility for exemption.
SB300Makes an appropriation to the Clark County School District for a program of peer assistance and review of teachers. (BDR S-4)2017-03-23
Notice of exemption.
SB292Exempts physicians who are licensed in another jurisdiction from provisions governing the practice of medicine for certain purposes relating to athletics. (BDR 54-319)2017-03-23
From committee: Do pass.
AB139Provides for the voluntary establishment of a program of dual language immersion in certain public elementary schools. (BDR 34-442)2017-03-23
From committee: Do pass.
AB11Revises provisions governing the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. (BDR 44-137)2017-03-23
Read second time.
SB278Revises provisions relating to certain crimes committed against an older person or a vulnerable person. (BDR 15-501)2017-03-23
Notice of eligibility for exemption.
AB397Makes an appropriation for grants to local governmental entities and nonprofit organizations for family planning services. (BDR S-856)2017-03-23
Notice of exemption.
AB9Authorizes the Secretary of State to appoint a Deputy of Securities. (BDR 18-424)2017-03-23
In Assembly. To enrollment.

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Most Viewed Nevada Bills

AB59Revises provisions governing lifetime supervision of sex offenders. (BDR 16-392)Bill Text
SB47Makes various changes relating to the appropriation of water. (BDR 48-499)Bill Text
AB71Revises provisions governing public employees' retirement. (BDR 23-429)Bill Text
SB18Makes various changes relating to bail bonds. (BDR 57-464)Bill Text
AB7Revises provisions related to education. (BDR 34-126)Bill Text
AB69Authorizes the use of an autonomous vehicle to transport persons or property in certain circumstances. (BDR 43-246)Bill Text
SB80Makes various changes relating to the Public Employees' Benefits Program and the Deferred Compensation Program. (BDR 18-243)Bill Text
AB86Lowers the minimum age at which a person is authorized to gamble and engage in certain other related activities. (BDR 41-37)Bill Text
AB49Makes various changes relating to charter schools. (BDR 34-255)Bill Text
SB2Revises provisions relating to the surrender of a newborn child to a provider of emergency services. (BDR 38-39)Bill Text

Most Monitored Nevada Bills

SB174Renames McCarran International Airport as Harry Reid International Airport. (BDR S-34)Bill Text
AB73Revises provisions relating to crimes against children and human trafficking. (BDR 15-380)Bill Text
AB32Revises provisions governing pest control. (BDR 49-176)Bill Text
AB204Requires marriage licenses and certificates of marriage to include the name to be used by each spouse after the marriage. (BDR 11-743)Bill Text
AB71Revises provisions governing public employees' retirement. (BDR 23-429)Bill Text
AB7Revises provisions related to education. (BDR 34-126)Bill Text
SB48Revises provisions relating to relations between local governments and their employees. (BDR 23-428)Bill Text
SB102Authorizes the possession of a handgun in a vehicle that is on the property of certain educational entities or child care facilities in certain circumstances. (BDR 15-79)Bill Text
AB116Authorizes advanced practice registered nurses to perform certain acts required to be performed by a physician or certain other providers of health care. (BDR 54-497)Bill Text
AB115Authorizes a physician assistant or advanced practice registered nurse to perform certain services. (BDR 40-98)Bill Text

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