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HB2946Crimes and punishments; creating Lauria and Ashley's Law; adding criminal offense to list of crimes; effective date.2024-02-05
Authored by Representative Bashore

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Most Viewed Oklahoma Bills

HB2946Crimes and punishments; creating Lauria and Ashley's Law; adding criminal offense to list of crimes; effective date.Bill Text

Most Monitored Oklahoma Bills

SB129Health care; prohibiting certain uses of public funds, public facilities, and public employees. Emergency.Bill Text
SB458Practice of nursing; providing for independent prescriptive authority of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses who meet certain requirements; modifying various provisions of the Oklahoma Pharmacy Act and the Oklahoma Nursing Practice Act. Effective dat...Bill Text
HB2177Public health and safety; health care professionals; prohibiting certain gender transition procedures; exceptions; administrative remedies; emergency.Bill Text
HB1011Public health and safety; defining terms; health care professionals; gender transition procedures; referrals; exceptions; public funds; Medicaid program reimbursements; felony penalties; statute of limitations; unprofessional conduct; license revocat...Bill Text
SB613Health care; prohibiting gender transition procedures for children; authorizing certain civil actions and relief; licensure; adding violations and penalties. Emergency.Bill Text
SB30Schools; requiring certain notifications; prohibiting use of certain names and pronouns without consent; prohibiting certain instruction in certain grades. Effective date. Emergency.Bill Text
HB1030Data privacy; Oklahoma Computer Data Privacy Act; consumer protection; civil penalties; effective date.Bill Text
SB131Schools; amending the Parents' Bill of Rights; providing for civil action; modifying certain rights. Effective date. Emergency.Bill Text
HB2186Crimes and punishments; adult cabaret and drag performance; making certain acts unlawful; codification; emergency.Bill Text
SB408Discrimination; creating the Women's Bill of Rights; authorizing distinctions for certain purposes. Effective date.Bill Text

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