In the modern world awareness of legislation and having information about the laws that affect daily life for all Americans is more important than ever. However tracking legislation from your local state legislature or across every capitol around the country including Congress can be a daunting task.

At LegiScan we recognize that fact and the significance of being informed and engaged about the results of elected legislators. Whether you need to focus on a single state, track any of the bills across fifty states or are looking to create your own custom application, LegiScan provide services that bring all legislative information together into a single uniform interface. With over a decade of servicing clients from public agencies, non-profit associations and national corporations; we have developed the tools and technology to save time and enhance analysis and communication.

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LegiScan API

Public service for concerned individuals tracking their home state and Congress. Personal monitoring list with saved searches from the national legislative search engine and private RSS feeds to stay informed. Receive monitored email alerts, create simple dynamic reports sharable with friends and colleagues.

Introductory subscription service for more active individuals that require tracking legislation from multiple states or expanded to unlimited monitoring list slots. Gaining additional user tracking data fields and simple bill classification groups. Generate PDF reports and alerts for easier printing and sharing.

Unlimited centralized national monitoring for single or multiple users. Custom issue management and expanded tracking information including executive summary, regional assignments, and the Insights browser. Advanced dynamic reporting available in PDF, Word & Excel along with daily monitoring and search email alerts.

Data API service providing structured JSON streams including detailed bill information including history, full bill text, sponsor, roll call votes and meta data. Advanced Push API subscriptions to assist driving third party legislative applications and development with near real-time remote replication of the national database.

Price: Forever Free
Single State: $25/year
National (50 States & Congress): $1,000/year
Single State: $100/year
National (50 States & Congress): $3,000/year
Public API: Create Key
Push/Pull API: Inquire
2024 Schedules
Legislative Volume
197,926 pieces of legislation being tracked from Congress and fifty state legislatures in the current biennium.
Shared Reporting
Create dynamic reports based on your monitoring list or issue areas that can be shared with others, available for all user levels.
Samples: OneVote, GAITS Pro
Interactive Maps
Widgets allow you to embed and share interactive maps of the legislation you are tracking from your master monitoring list or other system data sources.
Sample: Stance Heatmap
Create virtual legislative monitoring groups among colleagues, friends and other interested parties as well as hold private or public forum discussions on bills as they move through the process.

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