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Active New York Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

A00244Requires the membership of the state board of parole, and parole hearing officers to be composed of a proportionate share of residents of each county to reflect the state's inmate population.2017-01-20
reference changed to correction
S03190Establishes a methodology for determining major capital improvements (MCI) rent surcharges; provides that such MCI shall be calculated as a rent surcharge and shall not become part of the base legal regulated rent by which rent increases are calculat...2017-01-20
A02413Limits the state tax on motor and diesel fuels to the national average.2017-01-20
S02652Prohibits sex offenders from playing augmented reality games.2017-01-20
A02395Provides for an increase in federal itemized deduction for certain home improvements; a fifty percent tax exemption is provided to a residential property owner of a one, two or three family home for improvements that will promote environmental qualit...2017-01-20
A02529Relates to rebates on stock transfer tax paid; decreases amount to sixty percent.2017-01-20
A02492Relates to dedicating certain funds for fish and wildlife purposes.2017-01-20
A02459Relates to exemption of new and used ambulance vehicles to an emergency services organization, pursuant to a written contractual agreement, for use in the transportation of emergency services personnel, under the sales and compensating use taxes.2017-01-20
A02670Establishes the empire state music production credit and the empire state digital gaming media production credit; defines terms.2017-01-20
A02627Establishes a small business tax credit for the employment of unemployed veterans.2017-01-20

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Most Viewed New York Bills

S01282Authorizes gambling on professional sporting events and athletic events sponsored by universities or colleges at betting facilities located at thoroughbred and harness racetracks operating in this state, in simulcast theaters operated by off-track be...Bill Text
A00231Prohibits the sale or distribution of kratom.Bill Text
A00093Designates a portion of the state highway system, in the county of Ulster, as the "Private First Class Douglas Cordo Memorial Highway".Bill Text
A01142Enables veterans to receive benefit information upon applying for or renewing a driver's license.Bill Text
A00537Requires food allergy awareness posters in food establishments; provides such posters shall include the eight major food allergens; provides such information be included on all menus including those posted online.Bill Text
S00128Prohibits the use of atrazine, metalaxyl or the neonicotinoids class of chemicals.Bill Text
S00512Denies eligibility for youthful offender treatment upon conviction of a class B violent felony, unless the court determines that such person was a minor participant in the crime or that mitigating circumstances exist which bear directly upon the mann...Bill Text
A00104Requires any telephone service provider to furnish a toll-free consumer service number for consumers offered or provided unsolicited telephone services without a charge for a specified period of use time by means of a telephone calling card number, a...Bill Text
A00070Increases penalties for driving while ability impaired for a person having been convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol within the preceding five years to a misdemeanor which is punishable by a fine of not less than $750.00 nor m...Bill Text
A01123Relates to computing the service payment paid to certain public transportation systems.Bill Text

Most Monitored New York Bills

S00133Directs the legislature to create an office of public advocate with the authority to bring civil action against the state or any of its departments, agencies or bureaus or its public authorities to protect the public's interest in the state's natural...Bill Text
A01636Authorizes the impoundment of any motor vehicle operated by a person who drives while ability is impaired or intoxicated; provides for the imposition of towing and storage fees; provides for the release of impounded vehicles upon compliance with cert...Bill Text
A01021Creates the crime of aggressive driving which shall be a misdemeanor; provides that any person who increases the speed of their vehicle while another person tries to pass, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.Bill Text
A01009Creates the teen driver safety commission consisting of 12 members; requires the commission to study, examine and review the issue of teen driver safety; requires the commission to report its findings, conclusions and recommendations.Bill Text
S01992Relates to required prior notices; includes reverse mortgage transactions in the definition of home loan.Bill Text
S01529Authorizes the creation of the community group assistance lottery game and establishes the community grant fund, which fund shall be dedicated to community groups organized pursuant to paragraph three or four of subdivision (c) of section five hundre...Bill Text
S00339Authorizes use of closed-circuit television for the testimony of domestic violence victim witnesses in a criminal proceeding subject to the same restrictions as are applicable to child witnesses.Bill Text
A00356Relates to school zone speed limits; requires signage and other traffic calming devices in such speed zones.Bill Text
S00413Prohibits insurers from limiting payment on claims for damage to motor vehicles based on pricing caps for labor, parts, paint or repair materials; prohibits insurers from recommending a particular repair facility; and requires insurers to provide and...Bill Text
S01436Relates to the statute of limitations on sex offenses committed against a child.Bill Text

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