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LegiScan launched to support the release of the national LegiScan data service, providing the nation's first impartial real-time legislative tracking service designed for both public citizens and government affairs professionals across all sectors in organizations large and small. Utilizing the LegiScan API, having nearly 20 years of development maturity, allows us to provide monitoring of every bill in the 50 states and Congress. Giving our users and clients a central and uniform interface with the ability to easily track a wide array of legislative information. Paired with one of the country's most powerful national full bill text legislative search engines.

We instill individuals with the information to become more engaged and aware of the happenings of the legislation that affect their daily lives. An informed electorate is an essential part of a democracy to make decisions on how citizens choose to be represented with our tools to follow and research the legislative process.

We empower organizations with the ability to manage their own government relation clients and issue areas for whose needs they know best. Saving time and resources assimilating legislative data in a manner that enhances analysis and communications with legislative reports to staff, clients, members and those who matter most.

Three Pillars


Identify legislation of interest or concern through the LegiScan national legislative search engine, receive alerts based on saved full text keyword searches when bills are introduced that match your criteria.


Build a personalized and categorized list of monitored legislation to follow through the process and receive updates when there are changes or activity to your tracked bills.


Generate dynamic status reports of monitored bills with numerous reporting and formatting options that can also be shared with clients or other interested parties.

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Our Mission

Bringing People To The Process without bias or conflict; we believe that each individual in a democracy has a voice, and it is through increased awareness and engagement that you facilitate that voice, enabled by the data and tools provided at LegiScan.

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