LegiScan API

The LegiScan API is the data service providing structured XML or JSON real-time information for legislation in all 50 states and Congress in a RESTful web interface that is the heart of the GAITS tracking platform. Giving access to bill detail information, status, sponsors, full bill texts, roll call records and more to both public and private entities.

Utilizing the LegiScan API allows other organizations, civic groups or private citizens easy access to the multitude of data produced by over 150,000 pieces of legislation introduced each year. This data can then be used to power product offerings, offer in-depth analysis, drive engagement & outreach programs or in other ways that only you can imagine.

Available in either a free Pull model in which you initiate queries into the national legislative database, or a subscription Push model designed to send information to an endpoint service as changes happen.

Interaction requires creating an API key associated with a valid account with LegiScan. Registration is free so Signup Now! Once your account is created and authenticated, return to this page to generate your key which will grant you immediate access to the API.

For additional information please review the LegiScan API Documentation.