Top Legislative Searches

Legislative trends for all state and federal legislative bodies across the entire United States over the last 72 hours as measured by public interest and bill activity.

RankSimple SearchesRankComplex Searches
1missing murdered1"e-liquid" OR "non-tobacco" OR "electronic cigarette" OR Vapor OR vaping
2immunity2faith OR God OR prayer OR religion OR religious OR conscience OR release time
3location data3collision AND repair AND parts AND procurement AND insurance
4geolocation4labor AND rate AND repair
5data broker5advanced AND driver AND assistance AND system
6marijuana6"investment adviser" OR "investment advisor" OR "investment advisers" OR "investment advisors" OR "broker dealer" OR "broker-dealer" OR "broker dealers" OR "broker-dealers" OR "securities law" OR "securities laws" OR "securities act" OR "municipal bond" OR "muni bond"
7fire sprinkler7fish AND commission
8retirement8covid AND liability
9"crash parts"9water OR levee OR conservation
10covid10State Retirement AND Pension System
11"appraisal clause"11Salvage AND title
12"OEM"12rice OR farm OR farming OR agriculture
13education13N ACT relating to health care; requiring the State Board of Health to require a medical facility, facility for the dependent OR facility which is otherwise required to be licensed by regulations adopted by the Board to conduct training relating specifically to cultural competency for certain agents AND employees of such a facility; AND providing other matters properly relating thereto.
14"body shop"14dog AND river
15"aftermarket parts"15cannabis OR marijuana OR hemp OR marihuana
16"clean streams"16water OR levy district
17hemp17Underground storage tank OR petroleum storage tank
18health18set-aside AND status:passed
19artsakh19"scientific theory" OR "scientific theories"
20medical confidentiality20"school district" AND "housing"
21kratom21Salvage AND vehicle
22tax22rice OR farm OR farming OR agriculture OR check-off OR checkoff OR check off
23genocide23PFAS OR PFOA OR polyfluoroalkyl OR fluor OR "ethylene oxide" OR microfiber
24cannabis24oil OR natural gas OR petroleum OR pipeline OR eminent domain OR energy OR motor fuel OR Arkansas Oil AND Gas Commission OR single sales factor OR electric vehicle OR highways OR refinery
25antitrust25Medical ADJ Payments
26occupational licensing26hemp OR cannabis OR marijuana OR cannabidiol OR "low THC"
27mental health27hemp OR cannabis OR marijuana
28landlord28ethics OR "ethics commission" OR "public trust" OR fiduciary OR lobby OR lobbyist OR lobbyists OR lobbying OR "standards of conduct" OR "rules of conduct"
29"active state supervision"29"electronic smoking" OR "derived from tobacco" OR nicotine OR "e-cigarette" OR "electronic cigarette" OR "e-cigarettes" OR "electronic cigarettes" OR "flavored tobacco" OR "flavored vapor"
30abortion30criminal AND status:passed
31vote31coronavirus OR covid
32unclaimed32children AND families
33tort33business AND interruption AND insurance
34sex trafficking34"vapor product" OR "Vapor products" OR "vaping" OR "nicotine" OR "electronic smoking"'
35police reform35"vapor product" OR "Vapor products" OR "vaping" OR "nicotine" OR "electronic smoking"
36insurance36vapor OR e-cigarette OR nicotine
37HOUSEKEEPER..37uniformed AND overseas citizen
38Fireworks38Title AND vehicle
39firearms39tax OR taxes
40firearm40suicide OR (harm NEAR self) OR (harm NEAR himself) OR (harm NEAR herself) OR (harm NEAR themselves) OR (danger NEAR self) OR (danger NEAR himself) OR (danger NEAR herself) OR (danger NEAR themselves) OR (dangerous NEAR self) OR (dangerous NEAR himself) OR (dangerous NEAR herself) OR (dangerous NEAR themselves) OR (injury NEAR self) OR (injury NEAR himself) OR (injury NEAR herself) OR (injury NEAR themselves)
41criminal justice41status:passed
42coronavirus42"State Retirement AND Pension System"
43animal43state department of assessments AND taxation
44unclaimed property44{searchTerms}","query-input":"required
45turkey45science OR scientific
46tornado46school district AND housing
47tobacco47Salvage AND title AND MD
48sequestration48Salvage AND MD
49retroactive49Relative to a second opinion on healthcare matters for state OR county prisoners.
50public health50Reform OR repeal motor vehicle inspection