Top Legislative Searches

Legislative trends for all state and federal legislative bodies across the entire United States over the last 72 hours as measured by public interest and bill activity.

RankSimple SearchesRankComplex Searches
1covid vaccination1"e-liquid" OR "non-tobacco" OR "electronic cigarette" OR Vapor OR vaping
2vaccine2hemp OR cannabis OR marijuana OR cannabidiol OR "low thc"
3"elections"3hemp OR cannabis OR marijuana OR cannabidiol OR "low-THC"
4marijuana4food AND cottage OR freedom
5"absentee"5fish AND commission
6"vote" "mail"6collision AND repair AND parts AND procurement AND insurance
7abortion7marijuana OR marihuana OR cannabis
8covid8advanced AND driver AND assistance AND system
9education9labor AND rate AND repair
10home kitchen10hemp OR cannabis OR marijuana OR cannabidiol
11insurance11skill AND (gaming OR game OR gambling)
12health12abortion OR (pregnancy NEAR termination)
13mental health13status:introduced AND (alternative ADJ fuel)
14"park police"14("short term" OR Pre-existing OR Preexisting) AND insurance AND health"
15hemp15election AND ballot
16cottage food16cannabis OR marijuana OR hemp OR marihuana
17vaccination17"behavior analysis" OR "behavior analyst"
18sports betting18coronavirus OR covid
19prison19hemp OR cannabis OR marijuana
20nursing20personal ADJ property ADJ tax
21healthcare21(type:B OR type:JR) AND status:passed
22privacy22type:b AND status:passed
23"Nonprofit Corporation Act"23"voter" AND "apple health"
24missing murdered24((reform OR repeal) AND "affordable care act") AND (exchange OR connector OR benefit OR medicaid) AND (health care)
25drug testing25"telemedicine" OR "telehealth"
26sterilization26Vaccine AND Mandate
27tele!27ngss OR "science standards" OR "science education"
28event ticketing28Cryptocurrency OR block chain OR virtual currency
29"body shop"29Vehicle ADJ repairs
30"OEM"30Total ADJ Loss AND (auto OR automobile OR motor ADJ vehicle OR first-party OR first ADJ party)
31"crash parts"31Revises requirements for operation of mobile intensive care programs AND paramedic licensure
32"aftermarket parts"32reporting conditions of bond to TCIC AND NCIC
33"clean streams"33National Nursing Shortage Reform AND Patient Advocacy Act
34"appraisal clause"34marriage AND solemnize
35retirement35"long-term care" AND status:passed
36pfas36health care AND hospitals
37critical race theory37vaccin* AND COVID
38tax38The American Dream AND Promise Act
39kratom39Recognizing the goal of United States foreign policy should be to promote human rights AND equal rights for all.
40behavior analyst40Covid OR coronavirus
41aprn41cannabis OR marijuana AND legalize
42telehealth42VGG g h g gbgbvvvv:ggg g gcyyy he f g g t g gyd dr f f theft TY c egg g get the tQq qqqqq,?
43firefighter43Texas Health AND Safety Code
44transgender44Infrastructure AND reconciliation bill
45firearms45wedding AND "video conference"
46cannabis46unmanned OR drone!
47gaming47"shared parenting" OR "equal parenting" OR "joint physical custody" OR "equal time" OR "shared custody" OR "shared physical custody" OR "parenting time" OR "time-sharing" OR "parenting plan"
48gun48(covid OR coronavirus) AND (vaccine OR vaccination OR immunize OR immunization)
49sikh49banking AND financial services committee
50rabb50TExas AND Pacific