Top Legislative Searches

Legislative trends for all state and federal legislative bodies across the entire United States over the last 72 hours as measured by public interest and bill activity.

RankSimple SearchesRankComplex Searches
1marijuana1"e-liquid" OR "non-tobacco" OR "electronic cigarette" OR Vapor OR vaping
2cannabis2gambling AND (online)
3election3nonsolicitation OR nonsolicit OR nonsolicits OR noncompete OR noncompetes OR noncompetition OR "covenant not to compete" OR "covenants not to compete" OR "restrictive covenant" OR "restrictive covenants" OR non-compete OR non-competes OR non-competition OR non-solicitation OR non-solicit OR non-solicits
5firearms5hemp OR cannabis OR marijuana OR cannabidiol OR "low-THC"
6privacy6election AND ballot
7missing murdered7labor AND rate AND repair
8retirement8collision AND repair AND parts AND procurement AND insurance
9kratom9health AND affiliate AND provider
10education10fish AND commission
11student athlete11felony AND voting
12retirement savings12advanced AND driver AND assistance AND system
13abortion13Listening AND speaking standards
14nurse practitioner14Defines what constitutes a multi-use food AND beverage storage container AND provides for sanitary use of said containers.
15covid15coronavirus OR covid
16animal16child AND welfare
17article v convention17Hate OR Race OR Air pollution OR emissions OR indoor air OR climate OR transportation OR energy
18employer vaccination18The right to make three free phone calls within three hours of arrival at the police station AND before questioning occurs.
19gun19Increases services AND programming for pregnant prisoners, AND requires medical treatment of prisoners AND detainees without unreasonable delay.
20continuing medical education20Healthcare OR Surprise OR Health insurance OR Step therapy OR Waivers OR Medicaid OR Telehealth
21psilocybin21cannabis OR marijuana OR hemp
22peremptory22PFAS OR PFOA OR polyfluor OR perfluor OR "ethylene oxide" OR microfiber OR "halogenated flame retardant" OR "organohalogen"
23voting23alcohol delivery AND restaurants
24insurance24ngss OR "science standards" OR "science education"
25hallucinogenic25Establishes a billionaire mark to market tax taxing residents with one billion dollars OR more in net assets AND directs revenue from such tax into a worker bailout fund; establishes a worker bailout program providing workers traditionally excluded from wage protection programs access to unemployment benefits.
26antimicrobial26carsharing OR "car sharing" OR "shared car" OR "vehicle sharing" OR "personal vehicle sharing" OR "peer-to-peer car sharing"
27voter27revocable ADJ Trust
28ranked choice28Relative to prohibiting unlicensed persons from using titles OR descriptions of services for the practice of medicine
29physical therapy license compact29Medical ADJ Payments
30parole30hemp OR cannabis OR marijuana OR cannabidiol OR "low THC"
31repair31department of children AND family services
32health32cannabis OR marijuana OR hemp OR marihuana
33sports betting33type:B AND status:passed
34firefighter34suicide OR (harm NEAR self) OR (harm NEAR himself) OR (harm NEAR herself) OR (harm NEAR themselves) OR (danger NEAR self) OR (danger NEAR himself) OR (danger NEAR herself) OR (danger NEAR themselves) OR (dangerous NEAR self) OR (dangerous NEAR himself) OR (dangerous NEAR herself) OR (dangerous NEAR themselves) OR (injury NEAR self) OR (injury NEAR himself) OR (injury NEAR herself) OR (injury NEAR themselves)
35trafficking35Requires a health plan to cover clinically appropriate AND medically necessary residential OR inpatient services, including detoxification AND stabilization services, for the treatment of mental health AND substance use disorders.
36sports wagering36prostitution OR prostitute
37wrongful conviction37municipal AND schools use of alternative energy
38vaccine38meat OR seafood
39nurse39limited AND liability
40constitutional convention40interlock OR BAIID OR ignition
41Privacy; consumer data41House Education AND Workforce Committee
42telehealth42Heated OR Electronic cigarettes OR Tobacco retail License OR Preempt OR Preemption OR Flavors
43mental health43domestic violence AND higher education
44employer "immunization"44Covid OR Masks OR Department of Health AND Ecology OR Asthma OR Lung OR Lung cancer OR Cancer
45artsakh45Coronavirus Aid, Relief AND Economic Security (CARES) Act
46solar46carbon ADJ capture
47school47waste OR garbage OR recycle OR recycling OR litter
48turkish48Tobacco OR Smoking OR Smoke OR Alternative nicotine products OR Vaping
49personal data privacy49Texas department of criminal justice AND parole
50aprn50status:introduced AND (alternative ADJ fuel)