Top Legislative Searches

Legislative trends for all state and federal legislative bodies across the entire United States over the last 72 hours as measured by public interest and bill activity.

RankSimple SearchesRankComplex Searches
1marijuana1"maximum allowable cost" OR PBM OR PBMs OR "pharmacy benefit manager" OR "pharmacy benefits manager" OR "pharmacy benefit managers" OR "pharmacy benefits managers"
2cigarette2labor AND rate AND repair
3kratom3collision AND repair AND parts AND procurement AND insurance
4Communist4nicotine OR "vapor product" OR "vapor products" OR "e-cigarette" OR "e-cigarettes" OR "electronic cigarette" OR "electronic cigarettes" OR "alternative nicotine" OR "smoking device" OR "inhalant-delivery" OR "other tobacco product" OR "other tobacco products" OR "derived from tobacco"
5article v convention5gun OR weapon OR firearm OR handgun OR rifle
6"minimum wage"6"sports betting" OR "sports wagering" OR "sports gaming" OR "professional sporting events" OR "sports pools"
7redistricting7"blockchain" OR "block chain" OR "distributed ledger" OR "distributed technology" OR "dlt" OR "cryptocurrency" OR "virtual currency" OR "digital currency" OR "virtual currencies" OR "cryptocurrencies" OR "digital currencies" OR "bitcoin" OR "digital asset" OR "unconventional asset"
8Communism8gun OR weapon OR firearm OR handgun
9census9telemedicine OR telehealth
10blockchain10Small ADJ business ADJ investment ADJ company
11parole11oil AND gas
12computer science12operator AND data AND status:passed
13retirement13domestic violence AND health
14cannabis14"electronic communications" AND privacy
15prescription drug15status:introduced
16student loan16restraint AND seclusion
17education17science OR scientific
18prescription drugs18"fantasy sports" OR "fantasy contest"
19abortion19water AND lead
20neonicotinoids20"third party" AND data AND status:passed
21retirement savings21"targeted advertising" AND status:passed
22health22hemp OR cannabis OR marijuana
23gun, weapon, firearm23"covered information" AND status:passed
24telecommunications24consent AND parent AND status:passed
25strangulation25"affordable care act" AND exchange
26sexual harassment26student AND data AND status:passed
27neonicotinoid27(seal OR expunge) AND (crime OR offense) AND record AND status:passed
28hemp28enforce AND "federal law" AND firearms
29infant29"targeted advertising" "vendor" AND status: passed
30court30"targeted advertising" "third party provider" AND status: passed
3131"targeted advertising" "provider" AND status: passed
32tobacco32"targeted advertising" "operator" AND status: passed
33inherited33"Trust act" AND immigration
34genetic34surveillance AND warrant
35biometric35"student" "data" "survey" AND status: passed
36naloxone36"student" "data" "questionnaire" AND status: passed
37"crash parts"37"student data" "privacy" AND status: passed
38newborn38Prisons AND reformatories Act
39citizenship39"operator" "student data" AND status: passed
40firearms40license AND scanner
41"collision repair"41gold AND depository
42"advanced placement"42"all OR nothing"
43employee43abortion OR (pregnancy NEAR termination)
44dna44vendor AND data AND status:passed
45china45vaccine AND mercury
46"body shop"46"third party provider" "data" AND status: passed
47"appraisal clause"47student data AND status:passed
48supported decision-making48"student data" AND status:passed
49higher education49status:enroll firearm
50compact50status:engross firearm