Top Legislative Searches

Legislative trends for all state and federal legislative bodies across the entire United States over the last 72 hours as measured by public interest and bill activity.

RankSimple SearchesRankComplex Searches
1day care1collision AND repair AND parts AND procurement AND insurance
2blockchain2labor AND rate AND repair
3marijuana3"pharmacy" AND "audit"
4"virtual currency"4telemedicine OR telehealth
5"distributed ledger"5Census AND citizen*
6"smart contract"6nicotine OR "vapor product" OR "vapor products" OR "e-cigarette" OR "e-cigarettes" OR "electronic cigarette" OR "electronic cigarettes" OR "alternative nicotine" OR "smoking device" OR "inhalant-delivery" OR "other tobacco product" OR "other tobacco products" OR "derived from tobacco"
7child care7"blockchain" OR "block chain" OR "distributed ledger" OR "distributed technology" OR "dlt" OR "cryptocurrency" OR "virtual currency" OR "digital currency" OR "virtual currencies" OR "cryptocurrencies" OR "digital currencies" OR "bitcoin" OR "digital asset" OR "unconventional asset"
8cryptocurrency8investment manager ANd pension
9article v convention9"short-term rental" OR "transient accommodation" OR "transient lodging" OR "tourist home" OR "hosting platform"
10bitcoin10science OR scientific
11retirement11"notice AND reporting"
12retirement savings12investment manager AND disclosure
13drug testing13hemp OR cannabis OR marijuana
14small business retirement14"electronic communications" AND privacy
15preempt15"lease" AND status: passed
16"collision repair"16"income tax" OR "IRS"
17insurance17Agriculture AND Food
18"crash parts"18telehealth OR telemedicine
19"body shop"19Small ADJ business ADJ investment ADJ company
20"appraisal clause"20gender AND bathroom
21"sick leave"21"campaign finance" AND disclosure
22kratom22type:B AND status:passed
23ico23"rent" AND status: passed
24pharmacy24((reform OR repeal) AND "Affordable Care Act") AND (exchange OR connector OR benefit OR Medicaid) AND (health care)
25cannabis25"campaign finance" AND (corporate OR corporation) AND disclosure
26opt in26alternative investment AND pension
27"smart contracts"27status:introduced
28hen28personal ADJ property ADJ tax
29privacy29("mco" OR "managed care") AND "medicaid" AND ("emergency room" OR "emergency department" OR "ed") AND ("follow-up" OR "follow up")
30"virtual currencies"30foreclosure status:passed
31opt out31(child ADJ advocacy ADJ center) OR (children's ADJ advocacy ADJ center) OR (children's ADJ justice ADJ center) OR (child ADJ abuse ADJ intervention ADJ center) OR (family ADJ advocacy ADJ center)
32data privacy32"campaign finance" AND corporate AND disclosure
33consumer33Title AND Insurance
34icos34telecommunications, Utilities AND Energy
35education35status:introduced AND (alternative ADJ fuel)
36"money transmitter"36short OR midterm offenders
37"blockchain"37sexual AND 'statute of limitations"
38small wireless facility38"motor vehicle" AND operator OR driver AND "unemployment compensation"
39labor39Gun OR weapon OR firearm
40animal40Crypto! OR blockchain OR "distributed ledger" OR "virtual currency" OR "digital currency" OR "money transmission"
41wholesale drug41cryptocurrency OR cryptocurrencies OR "digital currency" OR "digital currencies" OR "virtual currency" OR "virtual currencies"
42"cryptocurrency"42abortion OR (pregnancy NEAR termination)
43step therapy43twenty percent OR more of the property
4444status:passed AND education
45childcare45"sports betting" OR "sports wagering" OR "sports gaming" OR "professional sporting events" OR "sports pools"
46Securities46(pipeline OR pipelines OR underground OR excavation OR natural ADJ gas)
47Banking47"maximum allowable cost" OR PBM OR PBMs OR "pharmacy benefit manager" OR "pharmacy benefits manager" OR "pharmacy benefit managers" OR "pharmacy benefits managers"
48"paid leave"48"landlord" AND status: passed
49daycare49health AND human services
50IT Security50vaccine AND mercury