Top Legislative Searches

Legislative trends for all state and federal legislative bodies across the entire United States over the last 72 hours as measured by public interest and bill activity.

RankSimple SearchesRankComplex Searches
2retirement savings program2POUCH OR ALTERNATIVE NICOTINE
3baby food3((reform OR repeal) AND "affordable care act") AND (exchange OR connector OR benefit OR medicaid) AND (health care)
4abortion4"vapor product" OR "vapor products" OR "vaping" OR "nicotine" OR "electronic smoking" OR "e-liquid" OR "smoking device"
5cannabis5alcohol OR beer OR wine OR distilled spirits OR alcoholic OR beverages OR liquor
6education6("vaccine" OR "vaccination" OR "immunization") not ("naloxone" OR "omnibus" OR "animal" OR "aids" OR "hiv" OR "vision" OR "abortion" OR "mammogram" OR "opioid" OR "veterinarian" OR "tribal")
8blockchain8fish AND commission
9nuclear9transgender OR gender
10marijuana10("basic income" OR "guaranteed income")
11digital asset11perinatal mood AND anxiety disorders
12cryptocurrency12labor AND rate AND repair
13virtual currency13collision AND repair AND parts AND procurement AND insurance
14retirement14advanced AND driver AND assistance AND system
15digital token15"electric vehicle" OR "alternative fuel"
16workers' compensation16oil AND gas
17non-fungible tokens17prescription AND label AND blind OR accessible not cannabis
18daylight saving18ovum OR "assisted reproductive technology" OR "preembryo"
19child support19motor AND vehicle AND recall
20biomarker20Initiative AND referendum
21roth ira21"cement" OR "concrete" OR "carbon" OR "greenhouse" OR "climate" OR "GHG" OR "emissions" OR "carbon price" OR "cap-and-trade" OR "cap AND trade" OR "ccs" OR "ccus" OR "carbon capture" OR "geological" OR "sequestration" OR "Extended Producer Responsibility" OR "geothermal" OR "carbon tax" OR "EITE" OR "net zero" OR "net-zero" OR "hydrogen"
22hemp22vehicle title AND registration
23marriage23Embryo! OR invitro OR "ivf" OR "wrongful death" OR "unborn" OR "in utero" OR fetus OR fetal OR fertiliz! OR ovum OR "assisted reproductive technology" OR "preembryo"
24firearms24(diverse OR diversity) AND (school OR education)
25artificial intelligence25short AND term AND rental
26life without parole26"ownership" AND "land"
27health27abortion OR (pregnancy NEAR termination)
28auto ira28Packaging AND Extended ADJ Producer ADJ Responsibility
29mental health29"ownership" AND "land" AND "foreign"
30healthcare30land AND natural resources
32aircraft32distribution of vapes AND similar
33parental rights33Dentist AND Dental Hygienist Licensure Compact
34nonfungible tokens34"solar" OR "renewable"
35kratom35pfas OR pfoa OR genx OR fluor OR perfluoroalkyl OR polyfluoroalkyl OR "forever chemical" OR "ethylene oxide" OR microplastic OR "halogenated flame retardant" OR "organohalogen"
36constitutional convention36paid family AND medical leave
37firearm37"clean AND healthy environment"
38ticket38textbook AND (school OR education)
39"artificial intelligence"39RPS OR APS OR renewable portfolio standard OR Renewable energy certificate OR renewable energy credit OR "REC" OR ACP OR alternative compliance payment
40"time off" "Foster"40police AND robot
41school41hemp OR cannabis OR marijuana
42gun42sales tax OR sales AND use tax OR excise tax OR sales taxation
43cigarette43plastic AND (bags OR bag OR film)
44article v convention44personal information OR privacy OR personal data OR consumer
45nurse practitioner45license AND immigration
46housing46cosmetology AND barbering
47death penalty47release AND personal information
48pharmacy48pharmacist AND contraceptive
49juvenile49"Obscenity" OR "Biological sex" OR "gender identity" OR "puberty" OR "hormone" OR "bathroom" OR "restroom" OR "gender marker" OR "sex marker" OR "sex designation" OR "gender affirming" Or "drag" OR "gender change" OR "transgender"
50gun law taxes50"electronic smoking" OR "derived from tobacco" OR nicotine OR "e-cigarette" OR "electronic cigarette" OR "e-cigarettes" OR "electronic cigarettes" OR "flavored tobacco" OR "flavored vapor"