Top Legislative Searches

Legislative trends for all state and federal legislative bodies across the entire United States over the last 72 hours as measured by public interest and bill activity.

RankSimple SearchesRankComplex Searches
1wireless facilities1Title AND Insurance AND Real AND property
2marijuana2labor AND rate AND repair
3retirement savings3collision AND repair AND parts AND procurement AND insurance
4opioid4oil AND gas
5small business retirement5kennel OR "animal board" OR "commercial animal" OR "pet board" OR "pet facility" OR "pet sit" OR "pet day" OR "portable benefit" OR "gig economy" OR "sharing economy"
6redistricting6relating to studies on homeless veterans AND youth
7mental health7marijuana OR cannabis OR cannabinoid OR cannabidiol OR marihuana OR hemp
8kratom8"blockchain" OR "block chain" OR "distributed ledger" OR "distributed technology" OR "dlt" OR "cryptocurrency" OR "virtual currency" OR "digital currency" OR "virtual currencies" OR "cryptocurrencies" OR "digital currencies" OR "bitcoin" OR "digital asset" OR "unconventional asset"
9article v convention9convention AND amendments
10health10"Career Technical Education" OR "vocational education" OR "career AND technical education"
11firearms11credit reporting AND credit freeze AND breach
12palliative12"competency-based education" OR "performance-based education" OR "mastery-based education"
13nursing13"work-based learning" OR "apprenticeship" OR "internship"
14abortion14"STEM Education" OR "STEAM Education" OR "science, technology, engineering AND mathematics"
15"appraisal clause"15"education saving account" OR "education savings account" OR "scholarship tuition organization" OR "scholarship organization" OR "voucher" OR "school choice" OR "scholarship tax credit" OR "scholarship granting organization" OR "school tuition organization" OR "participating entity" OR "eligible school" OR "qualified child" OR "qualified student" OR "qualified education expense" OR "parental choice" OR "opportunity scholarship"
16firearm16"dual enrollment" OR "concurrent enrollment" OR "dual credit" OR "early college"
17"crash parts"17No city, town, county, OR other political subdivision of this state shall adopt OR continue in effect any ordinance, rule, regulation OR statute regarding pesticide sale OR use, including without limitation: registration, notification of use, advertising AND marketing, distribution, applicator training AND certification, storage, transportation, disposal, disclosure of confidential information, OR product composition.
18"collision repair"18boat OR boater OR boating OR vessel OR marine OR watercraft OR paddlecraft OR kayak OR waterway OR flares
19"body shop"19(pipeline OR pipelines OR underground OR excavation OR natural ADJ gas)
20genocide20"fantasy sports" OR "fantasy contest"
21tax21Escrow AND Real AND property
22prescription discount22small ADJ business ADJ investment ADJ company
23disabilities parking program23Uniform Residential Landlord AND Tenant Act
24privacy24nicotine OR "vapor product" OR "vapor products" OR "e-cigarette" OR "e-cigarettes" OR "electronic cigarette" OR "electronic cigarettes" OR "alternative nicotine" OR "smoking device" OR "inhalant-delivery" OR "other tobacco product" OR "other tobacco products" OR "derived from tobacco"
25uas25Relating to a waiver of fees for foster care AND homeless youth for driver's licenses AND personal identification certificates
26"child abuse"26Leave AND Status:Pass
27pharmacy27tax cuts AND jobs act
28education28Insurance adjuster penalty AND fines
29credit security data breach29benefits AND Status:Pass
30biologic30Early voting OR absentee voting
3131service of process AND process server
32landlord tenant law32"Career Technical Education" OR "vocational education" OR "career AND technical education"
33mental health reform act33(expunge OR seal) AND (criminal OR misdemeanor OR felony) AND status:passed
34biosimilar34status:passed AND schools AND diversity
35equifax35"sports betting" OR "sports wagering" OR "sports gaming" OR "professional sporting events"
36water36Rural ADJ jobs
37law enforcement INVISIBLE DISABILITY37abortion OR (pregnancy NEAR termination)
38nurse38property ADJ assessed ADJ clean ADJ energy
40"foster care"40internet AND privacy
41compact41child AND family
42cannabis42antitrust OR "consumer protection"
43medical marijuana43status:passed AND schools AND ethnic
44"domestic violence"44Real AND Property AND Estate AND Escrow AND Title AND Insurer
45"social services"45Personal income taxes: deductions: education expenses: education savings accounts.
46ohio public employees COLA46off-label AND pharmaceutical
47data breach47homeless veterans AND youth
48healthcare48children AND families
49industry recognized credential certification49violence AND nursing
50employment50study on homeless veterans AND youth