Vermont Legislature | 2017-2018 | Regular Session

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Active Vermont Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

S0009An act relating to the preparation of poultry products2017-02-28
Favorable report with recommendation of amendment by Committee onAgriculture
S0069An act relating to an employer’s compliance with an income withholding order from another state2017-02-28
Favorable report by Committee on Judiciary
S0045An act relating to providing meals to health care providers at conferences2017-02-28
New Business/Third Reading
S0056An act relating to life insurance policies and the Vermont Uniform Securities Act2017-02-28
Favorable report by Committee on Finance
S0003An act relating to mental health professionals’ duty to warn2017-02-28
New Business/Third Reading
JRS021Joint resolution providing for a Joint Assembly to vote on the retention of a Chief Justice and three Justices of the Supreme Court and ten Superior Court Judges2017-02-28
New Business/Joint Resolution for Adoption
JRS019Joint resolution relating to prescription drug pricing2017-02-28
Favorable report with recommendation of amendment by Committee on Health and Welfare
JRH004Joint resolution reaffirming the General Assembly’s commitment to equal educational opportunity on the 20th anniversary of the Vermont Supreme Court’s decision in Brigham v. State2017-02-28
Favorable report by Committee on Education
H0490An act relating to the regulation of commercial cultivation and sale of marijuana2017-02-24
H0481An act relating to homestead declarations, household income, and the calculation of income sensitivity adjustments2017-02-24

Most Viewed Vermont Bills

S0016An act relating to expanding patient access to the Medical Marijuana RegistryBill Text
H0170An act relating to possession and cultivation of marijuana by a person 21? years of age or olderBill Text
HCR008House concurrent resolution congratulating the 2016 Essex High School Hornets girls’ State championship rugby teamBill Text
S0006An act relating to requiring background checks for the transfer of firearmsBill Text
H0085An act relating to captive insurance companiesBill Text
S0002An act relating to information sharing by the Commissioner of Financial RegulationBill Text
S0001An act relating to the determination of average daily membership for the 2016–2017 school year and equalized pupil count for fiscal year 2018Bill Text
S0037An act relating to access to treatment for patients with a terminal illnessBill Text
H0003An act relating to burial depth in cemeteriesBill Text
H0004An act relating to calculating time periods in court proceedingsBill Text

Most Monitored Vermont Bills

S0050An act relating to insurance coverage for telemedicine services delivered in or outside a health care facilityBill Text
H0024An act relating to drugged drivingBill Text
H0173An act relating to solid waste management of beverage containersBill Text
S0082An act relating to paid family leaveBill Text
H0170An act relating to possession and cultivation of marijuana by a person 21? years of age or olderBill Text
H0021An act relating to military pension income tax exemptionBill Text
JRH001Joint resolution expressing strong opposition to any governmental registry based on religion, race, or ethnicity and to any mass deportation of undocumented residentsBill Text
H0196An act relating to paid family leaveBill Text
H0136An act relating to accommodations for pregnant employeesBill Text
S0079An act relating to freedom from compulsory collection of personal informationBill Text

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