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Active Hawaii Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

SB2581Increases the number of members on the King Kamehameha celebration commission from thirteen to fifteen. Establishes an executive director to be appointed by the commission. (CD1)2018-05-03
Enrolled to Governor.
HB2613Appropriates funds for fiscal year 2018-2019 to maintain the initial staff position and operations necessary to develop and manage Heeia National Estuarine Research Reserve and its programs. (HB2613 CD1)2018-05-03
Received notice of passage on Final Reading in House (Hse. Com. No. 705).
SB2174Authorizes specified courts to issue material witness orders in cases initiated through felony complaint. Includes the family courts in the authorization to issue material witness orders. (CD1)2018-05-03
Enrolled to Governor.
HB2097Requires the Attorney General to defend any civil action or proceeding against a county and any person employed by the county to provide lifeguard services at a designated state beach park under an agreement between the State and the county. Appropri...2018-05-03
Received notice of passage on Final Reading in House (Hse. Com. No. 705).
SB3058Defines the Hilo community economic district. Authorizes BLNR to extend or modify the terms of certain public land leases within the economic district upon approval by BLNR of a lessee's development agreement to make substantial improvements to or co...2018-05-03
Enrolled to Governor.
SB2990Requires the legislative reference bureau to conduct a sunrise analysis of the impacts of and best framework for the establishment of paid family leave. Requires a report and proposed legislation be submitted to the legislature by 9/1/2019. Appropria...2018-05-03
Enrolled to Governor.
HB2033Authorizes service on nonresident property owners for actions involving the property owned by the nonresident through a summons mailed to the mailing address on record with the real property tax office in the county in which the property is located. ...2018-05-03
Received notice of passage on Final Reading in House (Hse. Com. No. 705).
HB1906Makes intentionally or knowingly causing bodily injury to certain health care workers a Class C felony. (HB1906 CD1)2018-05-03
Received notice of passage on Final Reading in House (Hse. Com. No. 705).
HB1577Requires the Department of Agriculture to establish a 3-year compost reimbursement pilot program to provide reimbursements to farmers and ranchers when purchasing compost from a certified processor, dealer, retailer, or wholesaler licensed to do busi...2018-05-03
Received notice of passage on Final Reading in House (Hse. Com. No. 705).
SB2922Proposes amendments to the Constitution of the State of Hawaii to authorize the Legislature to establish, as provided by law, a surcharge on investment real property to support public education. (SB2922 HD1)2018-05-03
Enrolled to Governor.

Most Viewed Hawaii Bills

SB2571Beginning January 1, 2021, bans the sale, offer of sale, or distribution in the State of any sunscreen that contains oxybenzone or octinoxate, or both, without a prescription issued by a licensed healthcare provider to preserve marine ecosystems. (CD...Bill Text
HB2686Prohibits the sale of video games containing a system of purchasing a randomized reward to consumers under 21 years of age.Bill Text
HB2727Establishes certain disclosure requirements for publishers of video games that contain a system of purchasing a randomized reward. Appropriates funds. (HB2727 HD1)Bill Text
SB3082Adopts the Uniform Regulation of Virtual Currency Businesses Act and codifies the Act. Amends the Money Transmitters Act to expressly apply to persons engaged in the transmission of virtual currency. Requires a licensee dealing with virtual currency ...Bill Text
SB3095Beginning 1/1/2019, requires all users of restricted use pesticides to be subject to a requirement to report on their use of restricted use pesticides to the Department of Agriculture (DOA). Prohibits the use of a restricted use pesticide on or withi...Bill Text
SB2289Establishes the offense of sexual assault of an animal. Provides for impoundment and forfeiture of a sexually assaulted animal.Bill Text
SB3025Requires franchisees to disclose their non-participation in advertising campaigns of the franchisor in which discounts or promotions are offered. Prohibits franchisors from limiting or restricting the disclosures. Exempts and defines "quick service r...Bill Text
SB3024Prohibits the sale of video games that contain a system of further purchasing to consumers under 21 years of age. Effective 7/1/2050. (SD2)Bill Text
SB2413Prohibits long distance running event organizers from allowing minors to register unless the minors will be eighteen years or older on the scheduled date of the running event.Bill Text
HB1649Requires original equipment manufacturers of digital electronic devices to make diagnostic and repair information available to device owners and independent repair providers.Bill Text

Most Monitored Hawaii Bills

SB2323Establishes procedures for a parent or legal guardian to obtain authorization to home school a child. Requires the complex area superintendent or the complex area superintendent's authorized representative to request child welfare services to conduct...Bill Text
SB2963Establishes a 1-time amnesty program for certain delinquent transient accommodations and general excise tax obligations. Allows transient accommodations brokers to register as a tax collection agent for its operators and plan managers. Requires regis...Bill Text
HB2729Establishes standards and criteria for reciprocity for qualifying out-of-state medical cannabis patients and caregivers including limitations, and safeguards. Authorizes extension of written certifications of a debilitating condition for up to three ...Bill Text
HB2271Updates and standardizes the terminology used to refer to behavior analysts and applied behavior analysis. Clarifies the licensing exemptions for certain individuals who provide behavior analysis services. Requires the Department of Education to crea...Bill Text
HB1727Requires employers to provide a minimum amount of paid sick leave to employees to be used to care for themselves or a family member who is ill or needs medical care, or due to a public health emergency. Gives employers flexibility to offer paid sick ...Bill Text
SB548Legalizes the personal use, possession, and sale of marijuana in a specified quantity. Requires licensing to operate marijuana establishments. Subjects marijuana establishments to excise taxes and income taxes.Bill Text
SB2683Legalizes the personal use, possession, and sale of marijuana in a specified quantity. Requires licensing to operate marijuana establishments. Subjects marijuana establishments to excise taxes and income taxes.Bill Text
SB2478Beginning January, 1, 2019, prohibits a person from selling a device with internet access that does not filter certain obscene materials. Provides requirements, including a fee, for a consumer to have a filter deactivated on a device. Deposits fees i...Bill Text
SB2838Requires persons who manufacture, sell, offer for sale, lease, or distribute a product that makes content accessible on the internet to include digital blocking capability that renders pornographic material inaccessible. Allows consumers to disable t...Bill Text
HB1907Prohibits the remote sale and shipment of cigarettes and tobacco products, including electronic smoking devices, to consumers except to licensed wholesalers or dealers. Imposes criminal liability for a violation. (HB1907 HD2)Bill Text

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