West Virginia Legislature | 2022 | Regular Session | Adjourned Sine Die

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Active West Virginia Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

HB4111Relating to the prescriptive authority of advance practice registered nurses2022-03-12
Communicated to Senate
HB4482The purpose of this bill is to remove the limitation on laboratory certification by the Department of Environmental Protection in order to cover the costs of administration of the program.2022-03-12
On 3rd reading, House Calendar
SB659Relating to nonintoxicating beer, wine, and liquor licenses and requirements2022-03-12
On 2nd reading, House Calendar
SB729Relating to funding for infrastructure and economic development projects in WV2022-03-12
Vetoed by Governor 3/29/22 - House Journal
HB4840Relating to Office of Miners Health2022-03-12
On 3rd reading with right to amend, House Calendar
HB2300Including Family Court Judges in the Judges' Retirement System2022-03-12
Vetoed by Governor 3/30/2022 - Senate Journal
SB71Prohibiting political subdivisions from enacting certain ordinances, regulations, local policies, or other legal requirements2022-03-12
On 2nd reading, House Calendar
SB2Relating to unemployment benefits program2022-03-12
On 3rd reading, House Calendar
HB4025Providing exemption to severance tax for severing rare earth elements and other critical minerals2022-03-12
Communicated to Senate
HB4370Clarifying that the Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee is responsible to develop, update, and implement policies regarding the Statewide Interoperable Radio Network2022-03-12
On 3rd reading, House Calendar

Top West Virginia Sponsors

House Sponsors# BillsRSS
Del. Geoff Foster [R]306Syndicate content
Del. Kayla Young [D]173Syndicate content
Del. Brandon Steele [R]167Syndicate content
Del. Danielle Walker [D]143Syndicate content
Del. Austin Haynes [R]135Syndicate content
Senate Sponsors# BillsRSS
Sen. Richard Lindsay [D]299Syndicate content
Sen. Stephen Baldwin [D]226Syndicate content
Sen. Dave Sypolt [R]220Syndicate content
Sen. Ron Stollings [D]212Syndicate content
Sen. Glenn Jeffries [D]200Syndicate content

Top West Virginia Committees

House Committees# BillsRSS
Judiciary307Syndicate content
Finance215Syndicate content
Government Organization177Syndicate content
Health & Human Resources153Syndicate content
Education127Syndicate content
Senate Committees# BillsRSS
Judiciary144Syndicate content
Finance82Syndicate content
Health and Human Resources57Syndicate content
Government Organization34Syndicate content
Education30Syndicate content

Most Viewed West Virginia Bills

HB4560Relating generally to motor vehicle dealers, distributors, wholesalers and manufacturersBill Text
SB597Relating to PSC underground facilities damage prevention and one-call systemBill Text
SB666Adding Kratom and Delta-8 THC to list of Schedule 1 controlled substancesBill Text
HB2085Relating to tobacco usage restrictionsBill Text
SB498Creating Anti-Racism Act of 2022Bill Text
SB531Increasing annual salaries of certain state employeesBill Text
SB463Best Interests of Child Protection Act of 2022Bill Text
HB4016The purpose of this bill is to prohibit race or sex stereotyping, biologically and or genetically counter factual instruction, and/or or a biased and historically inaccurate account of comparative political economic systems in 1) instruction provided...Bill Text
HB4048WV Keep, Bear and Drive with Arms ActBill Text
SB495Requiring graduating high school seniors to pledge oath to ConstitutionBill Text

Most Monitored West Virginia Bills

HB4454The purpose of this bill is to create a consumer right to limit the sale and sharing of his or her personal information. The bill establishes a consumers’ right to opt-out of any sale or sharing of his or her personal information. The bill creates ...Bill Text
HB2064Biometric Information Privacy ActBill Text
SB182Prohibiting teaching of divisive acts and critical race theory in public schoolsBill Text
SB659Relating to nonintoxicating beer, wine, and liquor licenses and requirementsBill Text
SB576Relating to unemployment insurance and COVID-19 vaccination requirementBill Text
SB231Relating generally to broadband connectivityBill Text
HB4325Providing online privacy protection laws for children under 18 years of ageBill Text
SB485Authorizing DNR to enter certain third-party contractsBill Text
HB4408Relating to contracts for construction of recreational facilities in state parks and forestsBill Text
SB574Relating to WV PEIABill Text

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