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Active Florida Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

H2507Provides an appropriation for the Martin County East Fork Creek Stormwater Quality Retrofit.2018-01-22
H2925Provides an appropriation for the El Portal Little River Septic to Sewer - Phase 1.2018-01-22
H2605Provides an appropriation for the Delray Beach Atlantic Dunes Park Coastal Dune Restoration and Water Quality Improvement Project.2018-01-22
H3215Provides an appropriation for the Coral Gables Citywide Stormwater System Improvements.2018-01-22
H2895Provides an appropriation for the Boynton Beach Fuel Cell Power Generation.2018-01-22
H3187Provides an appropriation for the Boynton Beach Mangrove Park Water Quality and Access Improvements.2018-01-22
H2279Provides an appropriation for the Royal Palm Beach Canal System Rehabilitation Project.2018-01-22
H2227Provides an appropriation for the Okeechobee Utility Authority Treasure Island Septic to Sewer.2018-01-22
H2491Provides an appropriation for the Doral Stormwater Improvements at Sub Basin A-4.2018-01-22
H2221Provides an appropriation for the Moore Haven Water Plant Expansion.2018-01-22

Most Viewed Florida Bills

H1357Revises powers, duties, & functions of AST in collaboration with DMS; authorizes state data center within AST to extend certain service-level agreements; directs DHSMV, in collaboration with AST, to implement standards for issuing optional digital pr...Bill Text
S0766Exempting all aircraft sales or leases, rather than the sales or leases of certain aircraft, from the sales and use tax; defining the term "aircraft", etc.Bill Text
S0080Specifying that a direct primary care agreement does not constitute insurance and is not subject to the Florida Insurance Code; specifying that entering into a direct primary care agreement does not constitute the business of insurance and is not sub...Bill Text
S0138Citing this act as the "Florida Families First Act"; requiring the Department of Health to create public service announcements to educate the public on perinatal mental health care; revising components that are included in the postpartum evaluation a...Bill Text
S0280Establishing the standard of care for telehealth providers; providing that telehealth providers, under certain circumstances, are not required to research a patient's history or conduct physical examinations before providing services through teleheal...Bill Text
H0129Requires schools to provide certain information relating to free or reduced-price meals; provides school duties & responsibilities relating free or reduced-price meals & students; prohibits schools from taking specified actions.Bill Text
S0020Providing for the relief of Maury Hernandez; providing an appropriation to compensate him for injuries and damages sustained as a result of the alleged negligence of the Department of Corrections, etc.Bill Text
S0032Providing for the relief of Reginald Jackson; providing an appropriation to compensate Reginald Jackson for injuries and damages sustained as a result of the negligence of Mike Cochran, a police officer for the Lakeland Police Department, etc.Bill Text
S0108Establishing the Kidcare Operational Efficiency and Health Care Improvement Workgroup as a task force administratively housed in the Department of Health to maximize the return on investment and enhance the operational efficiencies of the Florida Kid...Bill Text
S0050Providing for the relief of Colton Merville; providing an appropriation to compensate him for injuries and damages sustained as result of the negligence of the Department of Corrections in connection with the shooting death of his mother, Camilla Cla...Bill Text

Most Monitored Florida Bills

H0367Provides for enactment of Agreement Among States to Elect President by National Popular Vote; provides method by which state may become member state; requires statewide popular election for President & Vice President of U.S.; establishes procedure fo...Bill Text
S0602Authorizing a court to depart from mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment for certain drug trafficking offenses if it makes specified findings, etc.Bill Text
H0621Provides exception to prohibition on possessing firearms & specified devices on school property for authorized concealed weapon & firearm licensees who are designated by school principals & district school superintendents; provides requirements for d...Bill Text
H1131Authorizes political subdivisions to insure for certain amounts to pay certain claims or judgments; provides requirements with respect to such insurance; prohibits payments in excess of such insurance limits from such political subdivisions; provides...Bill Text
H0785Prohibits landlord from requiring prospective tenant who is servicemember to deposit or advance certain amount of funds; authorizes tenant who is servicemember to terminate rental agreement under certain circumstances; provides that title to certain ...Bill Text
S1306Requiring K-12 comprehensive reading plans to provide for intensive reading interventions that are delivered by teachers who meet certain criteria beginning with a specified school year; requiring the Department of Education to consider the award of ...Bill Text
H0655Requires public utilities to prioritize certain health care facilities for restoration of power in emergencies; requires such facilities to have operational emergency power source & sufficient fuel supply; requires Office of the State Long-Term Care ...Bill Text
S0090Revising the legislative intent relating to the authorization of law enforcement officers to stop motor vehicles and issue citations to persons who are texting while driving; requiring deposit of fines into the Emergency Medical Services Trust Fund; ...Bill Text
S0194Proposing an amendment to Section 4 of Article IX of the State Constitution to limit the terms of office for a member of a district school board, etc.Bill Text
H0001Establishes Hope Scholarship Program; provides program purpose & requirements; authorizes certain persons to elect to direct certain state sales & use tax revenue to be transferred to nonprofit scholarship-funding organizations for Hope Scholarship P...Bill Text

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