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Active Florida Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

H6007Removes designations of birthdays of Robert E. Lee & Jefferson Davis & Confederate Memorial Day as legal holidays.2020-12-03
H6005Repeals provisions relating to specified automatic restrictions on firearms & ammunition during certain declared emergencies.2020-12-02
H0031Requires certain service charges to be distributed in specified manner; specifies amount of charges for certain services rendered & instruments that are not court records; revises distribution of revenue from filing fees at start of certain appellate...2020-12-01
H0029Authorizes hospitals to dispense limited supply of medicinal drugs to patient of emergency department of hospital or patient discharged from hospital; provides drug supply requirements for prescribing or dispensing of such drugs; authorizes prescribe...2020-11-30
H0013Exempts State Housing Trust Fund & Local Government Housing Trust Fund from provision authorizing Legislature, in GAA, to transfer unappropriated cash balances from specified trust funds to Budget Stabilization Fund & General Revenue Fund.2020-11-30
H0017Authorizes Board of Podiatric Medicine to require specified number of continuing education hours related to safe & effective prescribing of controlled substances; provides for governance of podiatric physicians who are supervising medical assistants.2020-11-30
H0015Revises conditions for certain dealers subject to sales tax; deletes exemption for certain dealers from collecting local option surtaxes; provides certain marketplace providers are subject to registration, collection, & remittance requirements for sa...2020-11-30
H0027Provides exemption from public records requirements for records containing certain information pertaining to buyer or transferee who is not found to be prohibited from receipt or transfer of ammunition; provides for future legislative review & repeal...2020-11-30
H6001Removes provision prohibiting concealed carry licensees from openly carrying handgun or carrying concealed weapon or firearm into college or university facility.2020-11-30
H0025Requires background checks for sale or transfer of ammunition.2020-11-30

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Most Viewed Florida Bills

S0032Providing for the relief of Christeia Jones, as guardian of Logan Grant, Denard Maybin, Jr., and Lanard Maybin; providing an appropriation to compensate them for injuries and damages sustained as a result of an automobile accident caused by Trooper R...Bill Text
S0040Providing for the relief of Reginald Jackson by the City of Lakeland; providing an appropriation to compensate Reginald Jackson for injuries and damages sustained as a result of the negligence of Mike Cochran, a police officer for the Lakeland Police...Bill Text
S0042Providing for the relief of Marcus Button by the Pasco County School Board; providing an appropriation to compensate Marcus Button for injuries sustained as a result of the negligence of an employee of the Pasco County School Board; providing an appr...Bill Text
S0036Providing for the relief of Barney Brown, who was wrongfully incarcerated for 38 years; providing an appropriation to compensate him for his wrongful incarceration; providing that the act does not waive certain defenses or increase the state's liabil...Bill Text
S0026Providing for the relief of the Estate of Crystle Marie Galloway by the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners; providing for an appropriation to compensate the estate for injuries sustained by Crystle Marie Galloway and her survivors as a...Bill Text
S0030Providing for the relief of Kareem Hawari by the Osceola County School Board; providing an appropriation to Mr. Hawari to compensate him for injuries and damages sustained as a result of the negligence of employees of the Osceola County School Board;...Bill Text
S0028Providing for the relief of Clemente Aguirre-Jarquin for his wrongful incarceration; providing an appropriation to the Department of Financial Services for a specified purpose; directing the Chief Financial Officer to draw a warrant for the purchase ...Bill Text
S0034Providing for the relief of Jamiyah Mitchell, Latricia Mitchell, and Jerald Mitchell by the South Broward Hospital District; providing an appropriation to compensate them for injuries and damages sustained as a result of the negligence of the South B...Bill Text
S0038Providing for the relief of former employees of Fairfax Street Wood Treaters; directing the Department of Health to collaborate with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to develop specified data for certain purposes; providing a...Bill Text
H0025Requires background checks for sale or transfer of ammunition.Bill Text

Most Monitored Florida Bills

S0404Reclassifying the criminal offense for a specified violation; prohibiting physicians from performing or inducing the termination of the pregnancy of a minor unless specified requirements are satisfied; requiring a physician to obtain written consent ...Bill Text
H0271Prohibits termination of pregnancy if physician determines that preborn human being has detectable preborn intrauterine heartbeat; removes medical necessity exceptions; revises certain informed consent requirements; removes provisions relating to par...Bill Text
S0394Revising a principle of the Criminal Punishment Code relating to a prisoner's required minimum term of imprisonment; revising the incentive gain-time that the Department of Corrections may grant a prisoner, etc.Bill Text
H0963Prohibits use of personal data contained in public records for certain marketing, soliciting, & contact without person's consent; requires operator of certain website or online service to establish designated request address & provide specified n...Bill Text
S1670Prohibiting the use of personal data contained in public records for certain marketing, soliciting, and contact without the person's consent; requiring the operator of a website or online service that collects certain information from consumers in th...Bill Text
S1128Preempting the regulation of vacation rentals to the state; prohibiting a local law, ordinance, or regulation from allowing or requiring inspections or licensing of public lodging establishments, including vacation rentals, or public food service est...Bill Text
S0632Requiring specified teachers to have received, at a minimum, a bachelor's degree; revising the information the Department of Education requires in a specified database relating to private schools; requiring private schools to provide specified studen...Bill Text
H0239Ratifies proposed amendment to U.S. Constitution relating to equal rights for men & women.Bill Text
H0335Provides for enactment of Agreement Among States to Elect President by National Popular Vote; provides method by which state may become member state; requires statewide popular election for President & Vice President of U.S.; establishes procedure fo...Bill Text
S1870Establishing the Florida Digital Service and the Division of Telecommunications within the Department of Management Services; revising information technology-related powers, duties, and functions of the department acting through the Florida Digital S...Bill Text

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