New Mexico Legislature | 2019 | Regular Session

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Active New Mexico Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

HB187Water Law Evaluation And Review2019-01-17
HB174Rio Grande Water Management & Planning2019-01-17
HB228Solo-worker Program2019-01-17
HB275College Of Education Affordability2019-01-17
HB230Duty To Report Child Abuse2019-01-17
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SB217Eminent Domain Property Appraisals2019-01-17
SB160Student Loan Bill Of Rights Act2019-01-17
HB181Conversion Charter School Student Preference2019-01-17
HB223Reconstruct U.s. Highway 3802019-01-17
SB252Investment Pool Charges To State Treasurer2019-01-17

Most Viewed New Mexico Bills

HB90Elizabeth Whitefield End Of Life Options ActBill Text
HB55Agreement To Elect President By Popular VoteBill Text
HB51Decriminalize AbortionBill Text
HB83Extreme Risk Protection Order ActBill Text
HB40Background Checks At Gun ShowsBill Text
SB8Firearm Sale Background CheckBill Text
SB22Early Childhood Education & Care Dept.Bill Text
SB176Consumer Information Privacy ActBill Text
SB150Homeowner Associations ChangesBill Text
SB135Naturopathic Doctors' Practice ActBill Text

Most Monitored New Mexico Bills

SB89New Mexico Reconnect Scholarship ActBill Text
HB88Health Care Value & Access Commission ActBill Text
HB89Health Coverage For ContraceptionBill Text
SB232Public Record Requests Costs And ProceduresBill Text
HB81Physical Rehab Cost Sharing LimitsBill Text
HB133School Sexual Activity Consent StandardsBill Text
SB154Public Property Disposition ActBill Text
HB172Student Loan Bill Of Rights ActBill Text
HB187Water Law Evaluation And ReviewBill Text
HB174Rio Grande Water Management & PlanningBill Text

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