New Mexico Legislature | 2022 | Regular Session | Adjourned Sine Die

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Active New Mexico Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

SB14Enacting The Clean Fuel Standard Act2022-02-17
Failed to Pass in House, Bill has Died
SB144Intimidation Of Election Workers2022-02-17
Action Postponed Indefinitely
HB134Reinstitute Sports Authority2022-02-17
Vetoed by Governor
SB137Distribute Part Of Grt On Svcs To Munis2022-02-17
Action Postponed Indefinitely
HB62Grant Opportunities Council2022-02-17
Pocket Veto
HB219Public Peace, Health, Safety & Welfare - Elected County Official Salary Cap2022-02-17
Pocket Veto
HB15Tribal Gross Receipts Rates2022-02-17
Pocket Veto
SM30Research School Admin Expenditures2022-02-17
Passed in the Senate - Y:36 N:0
SB158Anatomical Gift Discrimination2022-02-16
Action Postponed Indefinitely
SB198Transfer Transportation Regulation From Prc2022-02-16
Action Postponed Indefinitely

Top New Mexico Sponsors

House Sponsors# BillsRSS
Rep. Rebecca Dow [R]42Syndicate content
Rep. Tara Lujan [D]29Syndicate content
Rep. William Rehm [R]29Syndicate content
Rep. Debra Sarinana [D]29Syndicate content
Rep. James Townsend [R]29Syndicate content
Senate Sponsors# BillsRSS
Sen. Elizabeth Stefanics [D]42Syndicate content
Sen. Linda Lopez [D]39Syndicate content
Sen. Gerald Ortiz Y Pino [D]31Syndicate content
Sen. Roberto Gonzales [D]30Syndicate content
Sen. Siah Correa Hemphill [D]30Syndicate content

Top New Mexico Committees

House Committees# BillsRSS
Rules & Order of Business47Syndicate content
Appropriations & Finance40Syndicate content
Judiciary24Syndicate content
Consumer & Public Affairs20Syndicate content
Education18Syndicate content
Senate Committees# BillsRSS
Judiciary126Syndicate content
Finance102Syndicate content
Rules62Syndicate content
Taxation, Business and Transportation60Syndicate content
Education24Syndicate content

Most Viewed New Mexico Bills

HB2General Appropriation Act Of 2022Bill Text
HB163Tax ChangesBill Text
HB6Clean Future ActBill Text
SB140Opportunity Scholarship ActBill Text
SB49Exempt Social Security From Income TaxBill Text
HB132Interest Rates For Certain LoansBill Text
SB100Cannabis RegulationBill Text
HB156Possession Of Large Capacity Gun MagazineBill Text
HB33Cigarette And Tobacco Products TaxBill Text
HB91Prohibit Critical Race Theory TeachingBill Text

Most Monitored New Mexico Bills

HB91Prohibit Critical Race Theory TeachingBill Text
HM3Paid Family And Medical Leave Task ForceBill Text
SB140Opportunity Scholarship ActBill Text
HB6Clean Future ActBill Text
HB2General Appropriation Act Of 2022Bill Text
HB4Hydrogen Hub Development ActBill Text
HB191Professional & Occupational Licensure ChangesBill Text
SB108Exempt Social Security From Income TaxBill Text
SB35Appointment Of Temporary GuardiansBill Text
SB98Cybersecurity ActBill Text

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