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Active Missouri Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

SB166Relating to records submitted to the public service commission2018-12-10
SB165Relating to certificates of need2018-12-10
SB167Relating to contracts for construction services2018-12-10
HB213Requires the Highways and Transportation Commission to consider the complete life-cycle costs of work in determining the lowest bid amount submitted for a contract2018-12-10
Prefiled (H)
HB219Changes the sunset clause in 208.146 RSMo2018-12-10
Prefiled (H)
HB212Modifies provisions relating to athlete agents2018-12-10
Prefiled (H)
HB211Prohibits the use of hand-held electronic wireless communications devices while driving non-commercial and commercial motor vehicles; but allows the use of such devices when used hands-free by operators of non-commercial motor vehicles who are fully ...2018-12-10
Prefiled (H)
HB214Changes the laws regarding purchases to be made on competitive bids2018-12-10
Prefiled (H)
HB218Establishes the Driving Automation Systems Uniformity Act2018-12-10
Prefiled (H)
HB216Modifies provisions relating to actions for damages due to exposure to asbestos2018-12-10
Prefiled (H)

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Rep. Brandon Ellington [D]23Syndicate content
Rep. Alan Green [D]16Syndicate content
Rep. Dan Stacy [R]14Syndicate content
Rep. Gretchen Bangert [D]12Syndicate content
Rep. Chris Carter [D]10Syndicate content
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Sen. Andrew Koenig [R]13Syndicate content
Sen. William Eigel [R]13Syndicate content
Sen. Richard Sifton [D]12Syndicate content
Sen. Eric Burlison [R]11Syndicate content
Sen. David Sater [R]11Syndicate content

Top Missouri Committees

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Committees# BillsRSS
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Most Viewed Missouri Bills

HB157Establishes provisions regarding the limited legalization of marijuanaBill Text
SB63Creates new provisions of law relating to labor organizationsBill Text
HB155Establishes the "Make America Great Again Act" and repeals provisions that prohibit persons who are unlawfully present in the United States from receiving certain benefitsBill Text
SB42Creates extreme risk orders of protectionBill Text
SB121Modifies provisions relating to the concealed carrying of firearmsBill Text
HB133Modifies the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics FundBill Text
SB25Modifies several provisions relating to elementary and secondary educationBill Text
SB51Modifies provisions relating to charter schoolsBill Text
HB68Prohibits the use of a hand-held wireless communications device within a school zoneBill Text

Most Monitored Missouri Bills

HB157Establishes provisions regarding the limited legalization of marijuanaBill Text
SB43Establishes the Missouri Video Lottery Control ActBill Text
HB33Creates a new funding mechanism for Bryce's LawBill Text
SB51Modifies provisions relating to charter schoolsBill Text
HB203Specifies that parental liberty to direct the upbringing, education, and care of his or her children is a fundamental rightBill Text
HB30Modifies provisions regarding transportation development district electionsBill Text
HB92Establishes the First-Time Business Owner Savings Account and authorizes a tax deduction for contributions to a savings account dedicated to starting a new businessBill Text
HB104Establishes the Bonding Review Board to determine whether sufficient financial assets exist to back individual sureties and to rate providers of individual suretiesBill Text
HB148Establishes the Economic Development Grant Program whose funds are used to reopen closed manufacturing facilitiesBill Text
HB36Changes the laws regarding tax credits by placing a sunset clause on every creditBill Text

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