North Carolina Legislature | 2017-2018 | Regular Session

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Active North Carolina Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

S131Regulatory Reform Act of 2016-20172017-04-28
Pres. To Gov. 4/28/2017
H274Increase Penalties for Debt Adjusting2017-04-27
H113Pvt Action Local Compliance/Immigration Laws2017-04-27
H829Customary and Reasonable Fees for Appraisers2017-04-27
S36Convention of the States2017-04-27
S323UNC Public Records/Athletic Conferences2017-04-27
H703Felon W/Gun/B&E/Increased Penalties2017-04-27
H467Agriculture and Forestry Nuisance Remedies2017-04-27
Pres. To Gov. 4/27/2017
S338Violation of Tax Law/Venue2017-04-27
S411Various Motor Vehicle Law Revisions2017-04-27

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Rep. Marvin Lucas [D]250Syndicate content
Rep. Mary Belk [D]227Syndicate content
Rep. Bobbie Richardson [D]222Syndicate content
Rep. Susan Fisher [D]206Syndicate content
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Sen. Ronald Rabin [R]145Syndicate content
Sen. Danny Britt [R]114Syndicate content
Sen. Erica Smith-Ingram [D]114Syndicate content
Sen. Joyce Waddell [D]102Syndicate content
Sen. Andrew Brock [R]101Syndicate content

Most Viewed North Carolina Bills

H36NC IOM Study of Eye Care AccessBill Text
H185Legalize Medical MarijuanaBill Text
S199Law Enforcement Officer Retirement/25 YearsBill Text
S648Legalize Medical MarijuanaBill Text
H69Constitutional Carry ActBill Text
H2Provide Certain Property Tax ReliefBill Text
H663Right to Repair ActBill Text
H142Reset of S.L. 2016-3Bill Text
H13Class Size Requirement ChangesBill Text
H340Special Separation Allowance Firefighters/RSWBill Text

Most Monitored North Carolina Bills

H185Legalize Medical MarijuanaBill Text
S648Legalize Medical MarijuanaBill Text
S199Law Enforcement Officer Retirement/25 YearsBill Text
H69Constitutional Carry ActBill Text
S579The Catherine A. Zanga Medical Marijuana BillBill Text
S175Strengthen Opioid Misuse Prevention (STOP)ActBill Text
H780Uphold Historical Marriage ActBill Text
H28425-Year LEO Retirement OptionBill Text
H243Strengthen Opioid Misuse Prevention (STOP)ActBill Text
H145Repeal Const. Reg. of Concealed WeaponsBill Text

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