North Carolina Legislature | 2015-2016 | Regular Session

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Active North Carolina Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

S853Honor Former Senator Parmon2016-05-24
Ordered Enrolled
H1141Observance of Memorial Day2016-05-24
Placed On Cal For 05/25/2016
S874Sanford/Harnett OT2016-05-24
S875Town of Sunset Beach/Deannexation2016-05-24
S71Comm'n Appointment Modifications2016-05-24
S831Duplin/Sampson/Detention Contracts/Animals2016-05-24
Com Substitute Adopted
S726IRC Update2016-05-24
Placed On Cal For 05/25/2016
S881Union County School Funding2016-05-24
H474Exclude Yr-Round Track-Out Program/Child Care2016-05-24
Ordered Enrolled
H1023Municipal Service Districts/Statutory Changes2016-05-24
Reptd Fav

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Del. Susan Fisher [D]379Syndicate content
Del. Marvin Lucas [D]358Syndicate content
Del. Ralph Johnson [D]354Syndicate content
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Sen. Ralph Hise [R]131Syndicate content
Sen. Louis Pate [R]123Syndicate content
Sen. Ronald Rabin [R]119Syndicate content
Sen. William Jackson [R]114Syndicate content
Sen. Andrew Brock [R]110Syndicate content

Most Viewed North Carolina Bills

H78Enact Medical Cannabis ActBill Text
H972015 Appropriations ActBill Text
H562Amend Firearm LawsBill Text
S313Industrial HempBill Text
H765Regulatory Reform Act of 2015Bill Text
S20IRC Update/Motor Fuel Tax ChangesBill Text
S513North Carolina Farm Act of 2015Bill Text
H117NC Competes ActBill Text
H255Building Code Reg. ReformBill Text
H699Gun Rights and Privacy ActBill Text

Most Monitored North Carolina Bills

H78Enact Medical Cannabis ActBill Text
S830Add Kratom to Controlled Substance ListBill Text
S708Homeland Security Patriot ActBill Text
H983Legalize & Tax Medical MarijuanaBill Text
H796Modernize Dietetics/Nutrition Practice ActBill Text
S362Amend Certain Expunction LawsBill Text
H806Clinical Lab Science Practice LicensureBill Text
H3Eminent DomainBill Text
H562Amend Firearm LawsBill Text
H886Second Amendment Preservation ActBill Text

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