Massachusetts Legislature | 2017-2018 | 190th General Court

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Active Massachusetts Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

S1039For legislation relative to consumers and workers. Labor and Workforce Development.2017-04-21
H1056Relative to industrial hemp. Marijuana Policy.2017-04-21
H1031Relative to workers' compensation rates. Labor and Workforce Development.2017-04-21
S1011For legislation to increase injured workers’ access to medical care and workers’ compensation benefits. Labor and Workforce Development.2017-04-21
H1052Relative to increasing certain civil penalties for unlawful possession of marijuana. Marijuana Policy.2017-04-21
S1029For legislation relative to workers' compensation coverage for officers of non-profit associations. Labor and Workforce Development.2017-04-21
H3167For legislation to authorize the cannabis control commission to assess an annual fee on licensed marijuana retail stores, product manufacturers, and cultivators. Marijuana Policy.2017-04-21
H3199For legislation to further regulate the cultivation of marijuana and marihuana. Marijuana Policy.2017-04-21
S1059For legislation relative to the use and legal effects of marijuana. Marijuana Policy.2017-04-21
H40So much of the recommendations of the Department of the State Treasurer (House, No. 23) as relates to financial literacy. Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities.2017-04-21
Hearing canceled – new hearing TBD

Top Massachusetts Sponsors

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Rep. Chris Walsh [D]570Syndicate content
Rep. Marjorie Decker [D]555Syndicate content
Rep. Denise Provost [D]543Syndicate content
Rep. Paul Heroux [D]475Syndicate content
Rep. Kay Khan [D]433Syndicate content
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Sen. James Eldridge [D]744Syndicate content
Sen. Jason Lewis [D]592Syndicate content
Sen. Barbara L'Italien [D]514Syndicate content
Sen. Bruce Tarr [R]485Syndicate content
Sen. Salvatore DiDomenico [D]436Syndicate content

Top Massachusetts Committees

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Ways and Means11Syndicate content

Most Viewed Massachusetts Bills

H58Relative to the compensation of public officials. Temporary Ways and Means.Bill Text
H1A message from His Excellency the Governor submitting the annual budget of the Commonwealth for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017 (House, No. 1).Bill Text
H68Relative to reorganizing the Department of Public Safety. January 25, 2017.Bill Text
S490For legislation to prohibit wild and exotic animal performances. Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture.Bill Text
S1387For legislation relative to a service based retirement option for Group 1 and Group 2 career employees. Public Service.Bill Text
S1903For legislation to enhance child passenger safety. Transportation.Bill Text
H2252Relative to constables. The Judiciary.Bill Text
H66Special procedures for consideration of the House bill relative to the compensation for public officials (House, No. 58) ought to be adoptedBill Text
S6Relative to forming a special committee of the Senate to conduct regional public forums.Bill Text
H55For legislation to establish a sick leave bank for Robert E. Hackett, an employee of the Department of Revenue. Temporary Ways and Means.Bill Text

Most Monitored Massachusetts Bills

S1305For legislation to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents. Public Safety and Homeland Security.Bill Text
S1821For legislation to combat climate change. Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy.Bill Text
S379For legislation for a United States constitutional amendment and amendments convention. Election Laws.Bill Text
S706For legislation relative to sexual violence on higher education campuses. Higher Education.Bill Text
H56Relative to the percentum change in the average cost-of-living as shown by the United States consumer price index for the year 2016 compared with such index for the year 2015. Public Service.Bill Text
S1023For legislation to establish the Massachusetts pregnant workers fairness act. Labor and Workforce Development.Bill Text
H68Relative to reorganizing the Department of Public Safety. January 25, 2017.Bill Text
S516For legislation relative to out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drug coverage. Financial Services.Bill Text
H948Relative to the transmitting of indecent visual depictions by persons younger than eighteen years of age. The Judiciary.Bill Text
H3269Relative to prohibiting the use of public funds and resources for immigration enforcement purposes. Public Safety and Homeland Security.Bill Text

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