Arizona Legislature | 2017 | Fifty-third Legislature 1st Regular

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Active Arizona Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

HB2149Mental health; injunction; firearm possession2017-01-19
House read second time
SB1116Contractor licensure; requirements; confidential information2017-01-19
Senate read second time
HB2295Attorney regulation; assessments; membership dues2017-01-19
House read second time
HB2151Indigent defense fund; distribution; purpose2017-01-19
House read second time
HB2258County contributions; hospitalization; medical; repeal2017-01-19
House read second time
HB2300Supreme court; regulation of attorneys2017-01-19
House read second time
SB1108Cash assistance; children2017-01-19
Senate read second time
SB1143Traffic survival school; online2017-01-19
HB2198Committee; childhood experiences; effects; prevention2017-01-19
House read second time
SB1107Permanent guardianship2017-01-19
Senate read second time

Top Arizona Sponsors

House Sponsors# BillsRSS
Rep. Karen Fann [R]53Syndicate content
Rep. Bob Thorpe [R]48Syndicate content
Rep. Heather Carter [R]44Syndicate content
Rep. Jesus Rubalcava [D]40Syndicate content
Rep. Charlene Fernandez [D]39Syndicate content
Senate Sponsors# BillsRSS
Sen. John Kavanagh [R]47Syndicate content
Sen. Nancy Barto [R]45Syndicate content
Sen. Sonny Borrelli [R]43Syndicate content
Sen. Judy Burges [R]37Syndicate content
Sen. Sylvia Allen [R]33Syndicate content

Top Arizona Committees

House Committees# BillsRSS
Banking and Insurance1Syndicate content
Senate Committees# BillsRSS
Rules14Syndicate content

Most Viewed Arizona Bills

HB2120Education; prohibited courses and activitiesBill Text
SB1045Marijuana; definitionBill Text
HB2003Marijuana; regulation; taxationBill Text
HB2002Marijuana; sentence; civil penalty; finesBill Text
SB1001Civil liability; minors; animals; vehicle.Bill Text
SB1007Home based business; operations; employeesBill Text
HB2226Compact; balanced budget; conventionBill Text
SB1010Reviser's technical corrections; 2017Bill Text
SB1008Contractor licensing; exemptions; thresholdBill Text
HB2001School district tax levy; retentionBill Text

Most Monitored Arizona Bills

HB2120Education; prohibited courses and activitiesBill Text
HB2003Marijuana; regulation; taxationBill Text
HB2002Marijuana; sentence; civil penalty; finesBill Text
HB2277National popular vote; interstate agreementBill Text
SB1025Public entities; absolute immunity; defensesBill Text
HB2226Compact; balanced budget; conventionBill Text
HB2089Student fees; political purposes; prohibitionBill Text
SCR1002Application; Article V convention.Bill Text
SB1003Financial responsibility; verification; technical correctionBill Text
SB1017Electric personal assistive mobility devicesBill Text

Arizona Sessions

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