Utah Legislature | 2017 | Regular Session

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Active Utah Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

HB0170Small Claims Amendments2017-01-23
HB0123Juvenile Offenses Amendments2017-01-23
HB0138Public Safety Amendments2017-01-23
SB0097Public Meeting Minutes Amendments2017-01-23
HB0156State Job Application Process2017-01-23
HB0068Crime Victims Reparation Board Sunset Extension2017-01-23
HB0038Statutory Required Reports Amendments2017-01-23
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HB0014Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act2017-01-23
HB0169Child Care Licensing Modifications2017-01-23
HB0069Capital Facilities Revisions2017-01-23

Top Utah Sponsors

House Sponsors# BillsRSS
Rep. Keven Stratton [R]9Syndicate content
Rep. Steve Eliason [R]8Syndicate content
Rep. V. Lowry Snow [R]7Syndicate content
Rep. Edward Redd [R]7Syndicate content
Rep. Norman Thurston [R]7Syndicate content
Senate Sponsors# BillsRSS
Sen. Wayne Harper [R]16Syndicate content
Sen. Curtis Bramble [R]14Syndicate content
Sen. Margaret Dayton [R]10Syndicate content
Sen. Lincoln Fillmore [R]8Syndicate content
Sen. Karen Mayne [D]7Syndicate content

Top Utah Committees

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Rules12Syndicate content
Senate Committees# BillsRSS
Rules2Syndicate content

Most Viewed Utah Bills

HB0018Motor Vehicle Business Licensing AmendmentsBill Text
SB0026Transportation Divisions and Structure AmendmentsBill Text
SB0034Competency-based Education FundingBill Text
HB0016Voting RevisionsBill Text
HB0019Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform AmendmentsBill Text
HB0028Public Employees Long-term Disability Act AmendmentsBill Text
HB0036Affordable Housing AmendmentsBill Text
HB0013Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets ActBill Text
HB0042Insurance Related ModificationsBill Text
SB0033Consumer Protection RevisionsBill Text

Most Monitored Utah Bills

SB0074Medical Interpreter AmendmentsBill Text
HB0154Telehealth AmendmentsBill Text
SB0045Retail Water Line Disclosure AmendmentsBill Text
HCR001Concurrent Resolution on Public Lands LitigationBill Text
SB0024Natural Gas Heavy Duty Tax Credit AmendmentsBill Text
HB0134Emissions Testing AmendmentsBill Text
HB0141Unborn Child Protection AmendmentsBill Text
HJR003Joint Resolution Calling for a Convention to Amend the Constitution of the United StatesBill Text
SB0048Nurse Licensure CompactBill Text
SB0054Adoption RevisionsBill Text

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