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Active New Hampshire Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

HB1630Relative to pet vendors.2019-12-10
HB1633Relative to insurance coverage for tick-borne illness.2019-12-10
HB1632Relative to financial investments and incentives for affordable housing development.2019-12-10
HB1631Relative to taxation of certain hydro-electric generation facilities.2019-12-10
HB1627Creating an animal health certificate database.2019-12-09
HB1629Relative to training and procedures for zoning and planning boards.2019-12-09
HB1628Increasing the age for vaping.2019-12-09
HB1626Relative to the role of the guardian ad litem in parenting cases in which domestic violence is suspected or alleged.2019-12-09
HB1616Relative to the age for minor's visits to mental health practitioners.2019-12-06
HB1623Relative to telemedicine and substance use disorder.2019-12-06

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Rep. Casey Conley [D]27Syndicate content
Rep. William Marsh [R]27Syndicate content
Rep. Mark Pearson [R]26Syndicate content
Rep. Ellen Read [D]26Syndicate content
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Sen. David Watters [D]28Syndicate content
Sen. Martha Fuller Clark [D]27Syndicate content
Sen. Thomas Sherman [D]23Syndicate content
Sen. Martha Hennessey [D]22Syndicate content
Sen. John Reagan [R]21Syndicate content

Most Viewed New Hampshire Bills

HB1341Relative to vested status of group II members in the state retirement system.Bill Text
HB1374Relative to voluntarily surrendered firearms.Bill Text
HB1533Limiting the increase in property taxes for certain personsBill Text
HB1521Adding a peer support specialist to the board of mental health practice.Bill Text
CACR17Relating to taxation. Providing that a new state broad-based tax may be enacted only to reduce property taxes.Bill Text
HB1163Requiring schools to update documents and software to include the option of identifying a student as non-binary.Bill Text
HB1346Requiring the insurance department to make a report regarding the impact of insurance coverage for pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders.Bill Text
HB1378Establishing a committee to study oversight authority and timelines for processing and retaining sexual assault evidence collection kits.Bill Text
HB1377Making a technical correction in the law governing death benefits for emergency medical technicians and rescue squad members.Bill Text
HB1515Relative to group host net energy metering.Bill Text

Most Monitored New Hampshire Bills

HB1623Relative to telemedicine and substance use disorder.Bill Text
HB1586Relative to the statute of limitations for sexual assault.Bill Text
HB1521Adding a peer support specialist to the board of mental health practice.Bill Text
HB1281Requiring insurance coverage for epipens.Bill Text
HB1106Relative to noncompete agreements for certain mental health professionals.Bill Text
HB1567Relative to worldwide combined reporting for unitary businesses under the business profits tax.Bill Text
HB1509Relative to emergency threat protection orders for individuals at post secondary educational institutions.Bill Text
HB1616Relative to the age for minor's visits to mental health practitioners.Bill Text
HB1450Relative to the powers of the zoning board of adjustment.Bill Text
HB1280Relative to copayments for insulin.Bill Text

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