New Hampshire Legislature | 2018 | Regular Session

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Active New Hampshire Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

HB476Relative to the duties of registers of probate.2018-01-19
HB2018Relative to the state 10-year transportation improvement program.2018-01-19
SB371Establishing the Meldrim Thomson, Jr. Memorial Commission.2018-01-19
Committee Report: Ought to Pass with Amendment # 2018-0106s, 02/01/2018; Senate Calendar 5
SB390Establishing the office of solicitor general in the department of justice and establishing an unclassified attorney position in the department of justice.2018-01-18
SB48Establishing a commission to study the efficiency and effectiveness of fish and game department operations.2018-01-18
Sen. Avard Moved to Concur with the House Amendment, Motion Adopted, Voice Vote; 01/18/2018; Senate Journal 2
SB71Relative to the law governing alimony.2018-01-18
President Appoints: Senators Carson, French, Lasky; 01/18/2018; Senate Journal 2
SB483Relative to procedures for dispensing controlled drugs.2018-01-18
HB1807Relative to exploitation of elderly, disabled, or impaired adults and establishing a protective order for vulnerable adults.2018-01-18
Committee Report: Ought to Pass (Vote 18-0; Consent Calendar)
SB482Relative to confidential emergency medical and trauma services data.2018-01-18
SB301Temporarily reducing the real estate transfer tax for first-time home buyers.2018-01-18

Most Viewed New Hampshire Bills

SB193Establishing education freedom savings accounts for students.Bill Text
HB1511Relative to the death of a fetus for the purpose of certain homicide charges.Bill Text
HB1263Relative to educational evaluation of home schooled children.Bill Text
HB656Relative to the legalization and regulation of marijuana.Bill Text
HB1532Prohibiting gender reassignment surgery for minors.Bill Text
HB1313Relative to prohibitions on carrying a loaded firearm on an OHRV or snowmobile.Bill Text
CACR14Relating to natural rights of children. Providing that children have a natural right to be protected by their parents.Bill Text
HB1661Relative to the protection of minors who petition the court to marry.Bill Text
HB1691Authorizing the utilization of a portion of the Volkswagen settlement as a funding source for zero emission vehicle infrastructure in New Hampshire.Bill Text
HB1346Establishing a committee to study the New Hampshire veterans cemetery.Bill Text

Most Monitored New Hampshire Bills

SB193Establishing education freedom savings accounts for students.Bill Text
HB656Relative to the legalization and regulation of marijuana.Bill Text
HB1343Relative to the protection of beavers.Bill Text
SB247Preventing childhood lead poisoning from paint and water.Bill Text
HB1727Relative to monitoring perflourinated chemicals in public water supplies.Bill Text
HB1217Amending the certification requirements for school nurses.Bill Text
HB628Relative to a family and medical leave insurance program.Bill Text
HB1590Relative to standards for perfluorinated chemicals in surface water.Bill Text
HB1793Establishing a New Hampshire single payer health care system.Bill Text
HB1319Prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity.Bill Text

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