Indiana Legislature | 2019 | Regular Session

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Active Indiana Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

HB1598Funding human trafficking prevention programs. Makes an appropriation from the state general fund to the victim services division of the Indiana criminal justice institute for the prevention of human trafficking.2019-01-22
HB1597Campaign finance reports. Requires candidates for legislative offices to file campaign finance reports electronically.2019-01-22
HB1608Overtime compensation for certain employees. Provides that, after December 31, 2019, certain employees must be paid compensation for employment in certain circumstances at a rate not less than 1.5 times the regular rate at which the employee is emplo...2019-01-22
HB1585Fire department carcinogen exposure fee. Authorizes the establishment and collection of a carcinogen exposure fee of up to $500 to be collected from the owner, lessee, or occupant of a dwelling or office, or from the owner's, lessee's, or occupant's ...2019-01-22
HB1602Animal abuse. Defines "animal abuse offense" and "companion animal", and establishes as a mandatory condition of probation and parole that a person convicted of an animal abuse offense may not possess, harbor, or train a companion animal.2019-01-22
HB1594Indiana finance authority matters. Requires state budget committee review of any proposed extension or amendment to a public-private agreement to which the Indiana finance authority or the state is a party. Prohibits any extension or amendment to suc...2019-01-22
HB1591Electronic estate planning. Allows a person to contest two or more wills if there is prima facie evidence that: (1) the decedent suffered from an irreversible medical or psychiatric condition that predated the earliest will to be challenged; or (2) a...2019-01-22
HB1612Spencer County magistrate. Allows the judge of the Spencer circuit court to appoint a magistrate to serve the Spencer circuit court.2019-01-22
HB1611Minimum teacher salary. Provides that, for a school year beginning after June 30, 2019, the minimum annual salary for a full-time teacher employed by a school corporation may not be less than $50,000.2019-01-22
HB1593Certified technology park funding. Changes the recertification period for certified technology parks from three years to four years. Provides that once a certified technology park reaches its cap, an additional amount equal to incremental income taxe...2019-01-22

Most Viewed Indiana Bills

SR0004A SENATE RESOLUTION honoring Maureen Weingardt upon her retirement and thanking her for her years of exceptional service to the Indiana State Senate.Bill Text
SR0005A SENATE RESOLUTION authorizing the Postmaster of the Indiana Senate to receive from the Postmaster of the City of Indianapolis all mail belonging to the Senate.Bill Text
SR0007A SENATE RESOLUTION honoring Senator Mike Delph upon his retirement from the Indiana State Senate.Bill Text
SR0006A SENATE RESOLUTION honoring Tracy Mann upon her retirement and thanking her for 28 years of exceptional service to the Indiana State Senate.Bill Text
SR0003A SENATE RESOLUTION congratulating Emma Keys upon her retirement and thanking her for 32 years of exceptional service with the Indiana Senate.Bill Text
SB0113Guardian reimbursement and Medicaid eligibility. Specifies that an amount not to exceed $175 a month in court ordered guardianship fees for an individual who is: (1) in an institution; or (2) applying for or participating in the Medicaid aged and dis...Bill Text
HCR0001A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION to allow the House of Representatives and the Senate of the 121st General Assembly to adjourn and recess separately throughout the First Regular Session for periods in excess of three (3) consecutive days as the need, in the j...Bill Text
SB00851977 fund retirement and surviving spouse benefits. Increases the basic monthly pension benefit payable to a member of the 1977 police officers' and firefighters' pension and disability fund (1977 fund) who retires after June 30, 2019, with 20 years ...Bill Text
SB0212Indiana's electoral vote. Provides that allocation of Indiana's electoral votes to the candidate for President of the United States to the winner of the Indiana popular vote does not apply if the "Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by ...Bill Text
SB0097Forfeiture. Establishes a new procedure for civil forfeiture, and treats seized property in which a person asserts an ownership interest differently from seized property that is abandoned or unclaimed. Permits seized property that is not abandoned or...Bill Text

Most Monitored Indiana Bills

SB00851977 fund retirement and surviving spouse benefits. Increases the basic monthly pension benefit payable to a member of the 1977 police officers' and firefighters' pension and disability fund (1977 fund) who retires after June 30, 2019, with 20 years ...Bill Text
SB0112Anatomical gifts and individuals with disabilities. Prohibits certain health care entities from discriminating against potential transplant recipients solely on the basis of disability, and authorizes an individual to seek injunctive relief against a...Bill Text
HB1075Child victim of human or sexual trafficking. Eliminates the requirement that the child admit or deny being a victim of human or sexual trafficking during an initial hearing on a child in need of services petition.Bill Text
SB0213Possession of marijuana. Provides that a person who knowingly or intentionally possesses more than two ounces of marijuana commits the offense of possession of marijuana. (Current law provides that the offense of possession of marijuana can be for an...Bill Text
HB1022Expanded criminal history checks. Provides that an expanded criminal history check may be used instead of certain background checks and criminal history checks.Bill Text
SB0219Statute of limitations. Extends the statute of limitations for a civil cause of action against a person or entity whose negligent or intentional act or omission led to the sexual abuse of a child.Bill Text
SB0288Lifeline law. Provides immunity from arrest, prosecution, probation or parole revocation, and civil forfeiture for an offense involving: (1) delivering alcohol to a minor or providing a place for a minor to consume alcohol; (2) possession of parapher...Bill Text
SB0243Nonconsensual pornography. Defines "intimate image" and makes it a Class A misdemeanor for a person to distribute or display an intimate image of an individual whom the person knows or reasonably should know does not consent to the distribution or di...Bill Text
HB1269Boards. Provides that members appointed to boards staffed by the professional licensing agency: (1) have four year term limits; (2) may serve multiple terms; (3) serve at the pleasure of the governor; (4) must be removed in certain instances; and (5)...Bill Text
SB0241School choice scholarships. Provides that, if an eligible choice scholarship student leaves an eligible school during the school year and transfers during the same school year to a different eligible school that has a choice scholarship available for...Bill Text

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