Mississippi Legislature | 2020 | Regular Session

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SB2844An Act To Amend Section 25-15-103, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Authorize Local Governing Authorities To Pay All Or Part Of The Costs Of Additional Insurance Coverage For Dependents Of Their Employees; And For Related Purposes.2019-03-29
Died In Conference
HB1445An Act To Amend Section 99-19-73, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Increase The General Fund Amount For Implied Consent Law Violation Assessments; And For Related Purposes.2019-03-29
Died In Conference
HB981An Act To Bring Forward Sections 27-103-125, 27-103-139, 27-103-203, 27-103-211, 27-103-213 And 27-103-303, Mississippi Code Of 1972, Which Relate To Various Aspects Of The Budget Process, For The Purposes Of Possible Amendment; To Amend Section 37-6...2019-03-29
Died In Conference
HB1456An Act To Amend Section 27-35-50, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Revise Certain Provisions Regarding Use Of An Income Capitalization Approach As A Criteria For The Calculation Of True Value For Land Used For Agricultural Purposes; To Provide That The F...2019-03-29
Died In Conference
SB2990An Act To Authorize The Governing Authorities Of The City Of Columbus, Mississippi, To Levy A Tax Upon The Gross Proceeds Of Sales Of Restaurants For The Purpose Of Providing Funds For Infrastructure Improvements, Including Roads, Curbs, Gutters And ...2019-03-29
Died On Calendar
SB2525An Act To Create The Advocate Confidentiality Law; To Provide That Communications Of Victims Of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking And Human Trafficking With Advocates Are Confidential; To Establish Procedures For Disclosure In Limited Circu...2019-03-29
Died In Conference
SB2599An Act To Amend Section 27-65-75, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Delete The Provision That Provides For A Diversion Of Sales Tax Revenue To The Mississippi Development Authority Job Training Grant Fund; To Repeal Section 57-1-451, Mississippi Code Of 1...2019-03-29
Died In Conference
SB3062An Act Making An Additional Appropriation Of Capital Expense Funds And Special Funds To Defray The Expenses Of The Department Of Finance And Administration For Fiscal Year 2019; The Department Of Revenue For Fiscal Year 2019; And The Board Of Animal ...2019-03-29
Died In Conference
SB3109An Act To Authorize The Board Of Supervisors Of Warren County, Mississippi, To Contribute Funds To Central Mississippi Prevention Services, Inc.; Triumph Ministries, Inc.; Vicksburg Family Development Services, Inc.; Warren, Washington, Issaquena, Sh...2019-03-29
Died On Calendar
HB1690An Act To Provide For The Method Of Apportionment Of Income For Income Tax Purposes Of Certain Qualified Freight Forwarders That Are Affiliates Of Airlines; To Amend Section 27-7-23, Mississippi Code Of 1972, In Conformity Thereto; And For Related Pu...2019-03-29
Died In Conference

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