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NHHB663PassRelative to the definition of agriculture and existing agricultural uses.
Signed by Governor Sununu 09/05/2019; Chapter 338; Eff: 09/05/2019
NHHB476PassReplacing the milk producers emergency relief fund with the dairy premium fund.
Signed by Governor Sununu 08/07/2019; Chapter 319; Eff: 08/07/2019
NHHB459PassDefining hemp, relative to its growth and use in New Hampshire, establishing a committee to study the federal guidelines on growing hemp, and relative to costs of care for animals seized in animal cruelty cases and prohibiting the future ownership of...
Signed by Governor Sununu 07/30/2019; Chapter 306; I. Sec. 1-12 Eff: 01/01/2020 II. Rem. Eff: 07/30/2019
NHSB121PassRelative to acquisition rights and easements at Weeks Crossing Dam in the town of Warren by the department of environmental services.
Signed by the Governor on 07/10/2019; Chapter 195; Effective 09/08/2019
NHHB549PassEstablishing gold star family decals for motor vehicles.
Signed by Governor Sununu 07/09/2019; Chapter 160; Eff: 09/07/2019
NHHB162PassRepealing the requirement for the inspection of timber.
Signed by Governor Sununu 07/01/2019; Chapter 150; Eff: 08/30/2019
NHSB21PassRelative to notice to cut timber.
Signed by the Governor on 06/18/2019; Chapter 0084; Effective 08/17/2019
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