Oklahoma Recently Drafted Bill Texts

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HB2239EnrolledBill TextWater preservation; creating the Terry Peach North Canadian Watershed Restoration Act; defining terms; creating certain pilot program; repealer; emergency.
SR21EnrolledBill TextA resolution relating to the protection of property and supplies of the Senate and duties of the President Pro Tempore during the 2023 legislative interim.
HR1021EnrolledBill TextResolution; National Cameroonian Heritage and Diaspora Month.
HB2236EnrolledBill TextCrimes and punishments; sexual assault examination fund; increasing the sexual assault examination payment; effective date.
SB871EnrolledBill TextConsumer protection; prohibiting misrepresentation as a state agency or an affiliate. Effective date.
SB813EnrolledBill TextMedical marijuana; authorizing the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority to operate a quality assurance laboratory. Emergency.
SB984EnrolledBill TextSales and use tax; modifying basis for calculation of gross receipts for sales tax and purchase price calculation for use tax on motor vehicles. Effective date.
SB509EnrolledBill TextOklahoma Historical Society; directing the Oklahoma Historical Society to develop a grant program for the Oklahoma Civil Rights Trail; creating certain revolving fund. Effective date. Emergency.
SB907EnrolledBill TextLegal representation for children and parents; creating the Family Representation and Advocacy Act. Effective date. Emergency.
HB2359EnrolledBill TextCorporation Commission; requiring submission of certain annual report; requiring report contain certain items; requiring submission of evidence of financial security; effective date.
HB2794EnrolledBill TextMembers of the State Judiciary; Judicial Security and Privacy Act of 2023; notice; at-risk individuals; confidential information; Administrative Director of the Courts; penalty; effective date.
SB290EnrolledBill TextConduct of elections; increasing compensation for certain election officials.
SB621EnrolledBill TextOklahoma Workforce Transformation Act; creating the Oklahoma Workforce Commission; providing purpose; providing for powers; duties and responsibilities for the Commission.
HB2456EnrolledBill TextLabor; Employment Security Act of 1980; rate reduction; increasing penalties; removing expenditure limit; effective date.
SB67EnrolledBill TextState government; requiring certain reporting to Fleet Management Division; expanding recipients of certain report. Effective date.
HB2312EnrolledBill TextRevenue and taxation; sales tax; exemptions; disabled veterans; surviving spouses; disability determination; effective date; emergency.
SB604Comm SubBill TextIncentive payments; Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program Act; modifying payment period for certain industry; prohimiting the inclusion of additional award with certain contract extension. Effective date.
SB604EnrolledBill TextIncentive payments; Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program Act; modifying payment period for certain industry; prohimiting the inclusion of additional award with certain contract extension. Effective date.
SB600EnrolledBill TextOklahoma Tax Commission; licenses and permits; authorizing the written protest of certain license and permit refusal within certain period. Effective date.
SJR22EnrolledBill TextJoint resolution; approving and disapproving certain proposed permanent rules of state agencies.
SB27EnrolledBill TextOklahoma Higher Learning Access Program; providing certain qualifying score; providing eligibility for students who complete certain core curriculum. Effective date. Emergency.
HB1929EnrolledBill TextChildren; Successful Adulthood Act; age limit; services; effective date.
HB2747EnrolledBill TextAlzheimer's and dementia disease; creating the Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia Infrastructure Act; definitions; creating the Dementia Caregiver Support Group and Education Program Development Fund; effective date.
HB2679EnrolledBill TextTeacher certification; teacher certification pathways pilot program; provider program requirements; annual report; effective date; emergency.
SB437EnrolledBill TextMedical marijuana; directing the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority to select a vendor for seed-to-sale inventory tracking system; time limitation; responsibilities of the Authority; repealer. Emergency.
HB2459EnrolledBill TextRevenue and taxation; Filmed in Oklahoma Act of 2021; modifying incentive related to certain post production activity; logo; effective date; emergency.
HB1956EnrolledBill TextRevenue and taxation; Dixon Act; garnishments; professional licenses; effective date.
HB2663EnrolledBill TextHigher education; in-state tuition eligibility for certain family members and members of the Armed Forces; deleting time limitation for enrollment; emergency.
HB2053EnrolledBill TextWater and water rights; application for permits to take and use groundwater; appeals; injunctive relief; emergency.
SB266EnrolledBill TextElections; increasing number of affected registered votes to establish a subprecinct. Effective date.
HB2180EnrolledBill TextVirtual charter schools; modifying attendance requirements for virtual charter school alternative education programs; effective date.
HB1715EnrolledBill TextAlcoholic beverages; authorizing the ABLE Commission to permit certain license holders to host off-site events; Alcoholic Beverage Control Act; definitions; licenses; beer distribution; termination of agreement; emergency.
SB773EnrolledBill TextTransportation; modifying the Oklahoma Advanced Mobility Pilot Program; creating the Oklahoma Advanced Air Mobility Revolving Fund. Effective dates.
SB852EnrolledBill TextCorporation Commission; providing for certain emission extraction; allowing Commission to obtain carbon credits for certain purpose. Emergency.
SB516EnrolledBill TextCharter schools; creating the Statewide Charter School Board; providing for succession to certain contracts. Effective date.
SB96EnrolledBill TextMemorial highways and bridges; designating various memorial highways and bridges. Effective date.
SB747EnrolledBill TextIncome tax credit; increasing volunteer firefighter tax credit for certain tax years. Effective date.
SB706EnrolledBill TextOklahoma Children's Code; modifying requirements for certain hearing; repealing right to jury trial in certain proceedings. Effective date. Emergency.
SB377EnrolledBill TextVoter registration; adding cause for cancellation of voter registration; establishing procedures for cancellation of certain registrations. Effective date.
SB1069EnrolledBill TextInsurance; rehabilitation and liquidation; contracts; establishing requirements for insurance receivers. Effective date.
SB376EnrolledBill TextAbsentee voting; modifying procedures for marking and return of ballot for certain persons; clarifying signature requirement for certain affidavit. Effective date.
SB677EnrolledBill TextDeclarations of Candidacy; requiring confidentiality of certain information; requiring submission of certain form with declarations of candidacy for certain offices. Emergency.
SB836EnrolledBill TextMotor vehicle titles; allowing methods of delivery for certificates of titles. Emergency.
SCR13EnrolledBill TextConcurrent resolution; giving legislative approval for the settlement of federal litigation against the Department of Corrections.
SB849EnrolledBill TextOklahoma Broadband Expansion Act; modifying requirements for assistance provided to the Office by certain agency; providing for hiring of certain personnel. Emergency.
SB322EnrolledBill TextLibraries; digital or online library database resources; updating statutory language. Effective date. Emergency.
SB703EnrolledBill TextAdministrative Workers' Compensation Act; modifying requirements for payments from Multiple Injury Trust Fund. Effective date. Emergency.
SB200EnrolledBill TextCarbon sequestration; requiring certain state agencies to compile and submit certain report to certain state officials by specified date. Emergency.
SB661EnrolledBill TextHuman trafficking; creating the Victims of Human Trafficking and Prevention Revolving Fund; characteristics; placing under control of the Attorney General; limiting usage of funds; budgetary requirements and limitations; purposes. Effective date.
SB813Comm SubBill TextMedical marijuana; authorizing the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority to operate a quality assurance laboratory. Emergency.