New Hampshire Recently Drafted Bill Texts

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HB632IntroducedBill TextBanning a sentence of life imprisonment without parole for a juvenile convicted of homicide.
HB630IntroducedBill TextRelative to remote board meetings under the right-to-know law and authorizing certain procedures for rulemaking.
HB629IntroducedBill TextRelative to the home cultivation of cannabis plants and the possession of certain cannabis-infused products.
HB631IntroducedBill TextRelative to regulation of interpreters for the deaf, deaf blind, and hard of hearing.
HB617IntroducedBill TextRelative to food safety training for child care centers.
HB618IntroducedBill TextRelative to the sale and distribution of polystyrene food service products.
HB626IntroducedBill TextRelative to historic horse racing.
HB610IntroducedBill TextRequiring certain licensing and reporting functions be conducted through the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry, and relative to background investigations of trust officers, to certain filing fees, assessments, and interest rates, an...
HB620IntroducedBill TextRequiring law enforcement agencies to gather and analyze certain demographic information.
HB611IntroducedBill TextAbolishing fluoridation in water.
HB605IntroducedBill TextRelative to the therapeutic cannabis program.
HB619IntroducedBill TextDesignating police and fire dispatchers as group II members of the retirement system.
HB624IntroducedBill TextDecreasing the fee to file a petition for a declaratory ruling with the site evaluation committee.
HB607IntroducedBill TextEstablishing local education savings accounts for students.
HB613IntroducedBill TextRelative to state aid to school districts with special education pupils.
HB622IntroducedBill TextProtecting nascent human life as a reasonable and valid state interest.
HB616IntroducedBill TextRelative to review of planning board decisions.
HB615IntroducedBill TextReducing the penalty for certain first offense drug possession charges.
HB628IntroducedBill TextRelative to maximum vehicle speed limitations.
HB612IntroducedBill TextRelative to the penalty for overtaking a school bus.
HB621IntroducedBill TextAllowing registers of deeds to retain a portion of the land and community heritage investment program surcharge.
HB608IntroducedBill TextRelative to the formula for determining funding for an adequate education.
HB625IntroducedBill TextRelative to the protection of fetal life.
HB606IntroducedBill TextExempting services provided without renumeration from license requirements for barbering, cosmetology, and esthetics.
HB609IntroducedBill TextRelative to innovation schools.
HB627IntroducedBill TextEstablishing a value added grant matching fund for New Hampshire agricultural producers.
HB623IntroducedBill TextRelative to education funding.
HB614IntroducedBill TextExempting the state and political subdivisions from payment of the costs of compliance with the renewable portfolio standard.
HB86IntroducedBill TextRelative to voter qualifications and registration procedures.
SB45IntroducedBill TextRelative to the controlled drug prescription health and safety program.
HB55IntroducedBill TextApportioning delegates to state party conventions.
HB601IntroducedBill TextRelative to the privacy of personal information retained by a health or social service agency and prohibiting the sharing of such information between such agencies.
HB589IntroducedBill TextRequiring workers' compensation to cover prophylactic treatment for critical exposure
HB596IntroducedBill TextProhibiting public funding of abortions and establishing the New Hampshire foster care and adoption initiative fund.
HB603IntroducedBill TextRelative to manslaughter and the use of deadly force in circumstances involving the sale or use of a controlled drug or controlled drug analog.
HB598IntroducedBill TextRelative to the portion of a minimum sentence to be served to be eligible for parole.
HB586IntroducedBill TextRelative to training and procedures for zoning and planning boards and relative to financial investments and incentives for affordable housing development.
HB587IntroducedBill TextRelative to indicating citizenship or legal residency on drivers' licenses and nondrivers' identification cards.
SB44IntroducedBill TextEstablishing the New Hampshire workforce pathway program and commission.
SB46IntroducedBill TextRelative to the use of electronic poll books by cities and towns.
HB590IntroducedBill TextRelative to paid sick time.
HB591IntroducedBill TextRelative to certain liquor license fees and establishing 2 liquor investigator positions.
HB20IntroducedBill TextEstablishing the Richard "Dick" Hinch education freedom account program.
HB51IntroducedBill TextApportioning state senate districts.
HB585IntroducedBill TextAllowing the prepayment of dog licensing fees for the duration of a rabies vaccination and reducing fines related thereto.
SB47IntroducedBill TextModifying the absentee voter registration process, absentee ballot application, and absentee ballot voting process.
HB588IntroducedBill TextRelative to building codes for tiny houses.
HB52IntroducedBill TextApportioning congressional districts.
HB594IntroducedBill TextRelative to the school building aid program.
HB592IntroducedBill TextRequiring bond from pharmaceutical companies providing vaccines.