New Hampshire Recently Drafted Bill Texts

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HB2AmendedBill TextRelative to state fees, funds, revenues, and expenditures.
SB228AmendedBill TextRelative to the Hilton Park boat ramp.
SB61AmendedBill TextRelative to surface water setbacks for landfills.
SB98EnrolledBill TextRelative to delinquent payment of accounts by on premises and off premises licensees.
SB222EnrolledBill TextRelative to the definition of broadband infrastructure as a revenue-producing facility eligible for municipal revenue bonds.
SB269EnrolledBill TextRelative to tip pooling and sharing.
SB70AmendedBill TextRelative to the establishment of an election information portal and relative to the purchase of election equipment.
SB197EnrolledBill TextRelative to the operation and regulation of certain business entities within the state.
SB142EnrolledBill TextRelative to the regulation of forms and rates for property and casualty insurance.
SB136EnrolledBill TextProhibiting the employment or volunteering of a revoked or suspended educator.
SB110EnrolledBill TextRelative to residency status.
HB25AmendedBill TextMaking appropriations for capital improvements.
SB107AmendedBill TextRelative to the general administration of regulatory boards and commissions.
HB211AmendedBill TextRelative to a report by the department of energy on the effectiveness of the system benefits charge and relative to surface water setbacks for landfills and relative to water quality.
SB54AmendedBill TextRelative to purchased power agreements for electric distribution utilities.
SB42EnrolledBill TextRelative to overpayment of unemployment compensation.
SB32EnrolledBill TextRelative to the opioid abatement trust fund.
HB358AmendedBill TextRelative to the filing and adoption of proposed administrative rules and relative to overpayment of unemployment compensation and relative to policies relating to nursing mothers.
SB204AmendedBill TextRequiring trauma kits to be available in state-owned buildings.
SB172EnrolledBill TextAllowing court-appointed guardians to receive Temporary Assistance to Needy Families benefits.
SB88AmendedBill TextRelative to the annual dues paid by towns and cities to town officers' associations.
SB67EnrolledBill TextRelative to changes to certain weights and measures statutes.
SB94AmendedBill TextRelative to residential child care licensing of child care institutions and agencies.
SB170AmendedBill TextRelative to small group child day care centers.
SB85AmendedBill TextRelative to emergency behavioral health services and behavioral health crisis programs.
SB78AmendedBill TextRelative to subdivision regulations on the completion of improvements.
HB221AmendedBill TextRelative to the acquisition of agricultural land development rights and relative to advanced deposit account wagering and relative to the use of game cameras.
HB384AmendedBill TextRelative to building a new legislative parking garage and making an appropriation therefor, renaming the capital project overview committee, and establishing the joint legislative parking garage oversight commission.
SB193AmendedBill TextRelative to the obligation of collective bargaining units to negotiate in good faith.
SB160AmendedBill TextRelative to the use of OHRVs on designated trails.
HB253EnrolledBill TextEstablishing a committee to study extended producer responsibility.
SB118EnrolledBill TextRequiring children under the age of 2 years to be restrained in a motor vehicle.
HB251AmendedBill TextRelative to the cost of compliance with disclosure of electric renewable portfolio standards.
SB256AmendedBill TextEstablishing a safety program for off-highway recreational vehicles.
HB315AmendedBill TextProhibiting provocations based on a victim's actual or perceived gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation from being used as a defense in a criminal case.
SB99AmendedBill TextRelative to the responsibilities of insurers in conducting reviews of the operations of administrators.
SB150AmendedBill TextRelative to the family mediator certification board.
SB240AmendedBill TextRelative to conditions for genetic testing.
SB58AmendedBill TextRelative to arrests without a warrant while in the care of a medical professional on the premises of a residential care or health care facility.
SB213AmendedBill TextRelative to educational institution policies on social media.
SB60AmendedBill TextRelative to water quality.
SB31EnrolledBill TextRelative to technical changes to the laws administered by the insurance department.
SB66EnrolledBill TextRelative to financial transactions involving the liquidation or rehabilitation of an insurer in which the Federal Home Loan Bank is a party.
SB11AmendedBill TextRelative to African American burial grounds.
SB14AmendedBill TextRelative to the use of game cameras and relative to penalties for controlled drug violations.
SB149AmendedBill TextRelative to nurse agencies.
SB187AmendedBill TextRelative to driver's licenses for certain visa holders.
SB21EnrolledBill TextRelative to the due date and delivery of monthly reports and fees to the liquor commission.
SB47AmendedBill TextEstablishing a commission to study barriers to increased density of residential development in New Hampshire.
SB111AmendedBill TextRelative to the town council-town manager form of local government.