Legislative Research: WY HB0085 | 2012 | Budget Session

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SessionTitle/DescriptionLast Action
Budget Session

(Introduced - Dead)
AN ACT relating to motor vehicle excise taxes; requiring a vendor to collect excise tax from vehicle purchasers and remit the tax to the department of revenue; requiring one or both parties to a sale of a vehicle not purchased from a vendor to declar...
[HB0085 2018 Detail][HB0085 2018 Text][HB0085 2018 Comments]
postponed indefinitely
Regular Session

AN ACT relating to labor and employment; modifying the delinquency rate for unpaid employment wage contributions; allowing employers to enter into installment payment agreements with the department to repay delinquent contributions as specified; prov...
[HB0085 2017 Detail][HB0085 2017 Text][HB0085 2017 Comments]
H:Died in Committee Returned Bill Pursuant to HR 5-4
Budget Session

AN ACT relating to higher education; modifying provisions relating to higher education programs in the field of dentistry and other professional health services; modifying provisions regarding agreements under the programs; providing for accounting a...
[HB0085 2016 Detail][HB0085 2016 Text][HB0085 2016 Comments]
Chapter No. 59 Session Laws of Wyoming 2016
Regular Session

AN ACT relating to motor vehicles; providing requirements for motor vehicles overtaking and passing bicycles as specified; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0085 2015 Detail][HB0085 2015 Text][HB0085 2015 Comments]
Chapter No. 190 Session Laws of Wyoming 2015
Budget Session

(N/A - Dead)
AN ACT relating to education accountability; specifying implementation and development of education accountability addressing teacher and school leader evaluation; providing for phase I school accountability implementation and refinement; prescribing...
[HB0085 2014 Detail][HB0085 2014 Text][HB0085 2014 Comments]
Withdrawn by Sponsor
Regular Session

(Enrolled - Dead)
AN ACT relating to municipalities; repealing five (5) mile extraterritorial jurisdiction for enforcement of health or quarantine ordinances and regulations; subjecting one-half (1/2) mile extraterritorial jurisdiction asserted by municipal ordinance ...
[HB0085 2013 Detail][HB0085 2013 Text][HB0085 2013 Comments]
President Signed HEA No. 0090
Budget Session

(Introduced - Dead)
AN ACT relating to governmental studies; providing for a task force to study governmental continuity in case of a disruption in federal government operations; providing for a report; providing appropriations; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0085 2012 Detail][HB0085 2012 Text][HB0085 2012 Comments]
(H) Failed 3rd Reading
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
AN ACT relating to teacher contracts; revising the process for suspension of teachers; requiring an investigation as specified; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0085 2011 Detail][HB0085 2011 Text][HB0085 2011 Comments]
(S) Committee Returned Bill Pursuant to SR 7-3(c)
Budget Session

AN ACT relating to economic development; providing additional annual reporting requirements from the Wyoming business council and the department of workforce services as specified; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0085 2010 Detail][HB0085 2010 Text][HB0085 2010 Comments]
(H) Died In Committee

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