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Regular Session

Propose to amend Section 181 of the Constitution of Kentucky to permit the General Assembly to authorize a county, city, town, or municipal corporation to assess and collect local taxes and fees that are not otherwise in conflict with the Constitutio...
[HB14 2024 Detail][HB14 2024 Text][HB14 2024 Comments]
returned to Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs (H)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 186 to create an EMS special license plate; limit eligibility to certain licensed EMS personnel or retirees with 20 years of service; specify that the EMS plate requires no minimum number of applications prior to p...
[HB14 2023 Detail][HB14 2023 Text][HB14 2023 Comments]
to Transportation (H)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Amend KRS 158.183 to require a local board of education or board of a public charter school to ensure that no public school or public charter school offers any classroom instruction or discussion that incorporates designated concepts related to race,...
[HB14 2022 Detail][HB14 2022 Text][HB14 2022 Comments]
to Committee on Committees (H)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Create a new section in KRS Chapter 132 to exempt veteran service organizations from ad valorem taxation if over 50 percent of the organization's annual net income is expended on behalf of veterans and other charitable causes; amend KRS 132.010 to de...
[HB14 2021 Detail][HB14 2021 Text][HB14 2021 Comments]
posted in committee
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
Amend KRS 164.2841, relating to college tuition benefits for spouses and children of specified emergency response personnel and public employees who have died in the course of their duties to specify that the beneficiary is eligible for up to a maxim...
[HB14 2020 Detail][HB14 2020 Text][HB14 2020 Comments]
recommitted to Education (S)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Amend KRS 156.095 to remove references to public charter schools; repeal KRS 160.1590, 160.1591, KRS 160.1592, 160.1593, 160.1594, 160.1595, 160.1596, 160.1597, 160.1598, 160.1599, and 161.141.
[HB14 2019 Detail][HB14 2019 Text][HB14 2019 Comments]
to Education (H)
Regular Session

Amend KRS 532.031, relating to an offense committed as a result of a hate crime, to include offenses committed against an individual because of the individual's actual or perceived employment as a city, county, state, or federal peace officer, member...
[HB14 2017 Detail][HB14 2017 Text][HB14 2017 Comments]
signed by Governor (Acts, ch. 27)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Amend KRS 344.130, 402.050, and 446.350 to exempt persons, officials, and institutions with religious objections to same-sex marriage from any requirement to solemnize such marriages.
[HB14 2016 Detail][HB14 2016 Text][HB14 2016 Comments]
to Judiciary (H)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Amend KRS 132.485 to clarify that the "rough trade-in" value or "clean trade-in" value shall not be used to determine the standard value of a motor vehicle.
[HB14 2015 Detail][HB14 2015 Text][HB14 2015 Comments]
to Transportation (H)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Amend KRS 189.520, 189A.010, 189A.120, and 281A.2102 to move the per se DUI threshold from 0.08 to 0.05.
[HB14 2014 Detail][HB14 2014 Text][HB14 2014 Comments]
to Judiciary (H)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 620 to require the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, if the cabinet is granted custody of a dependent, neglected, or abused child, to notify the school in which the child is enrolled of persons authorized to ...
[HB14 2013 Detail][HB14 2013 Text][HB14 2013 Comments]
to Education (H)
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
Amend KRS 61.315 to exempt the estate of anyone who is eligible for state death gratuity benefits, and the estate of any regular member of the Armed Forces, from probate fees.
[HB14 2011 Detail][HB14 2011 Text][HB14 2011 Comments]
to Judiciary (S)
Regular Session

Create a new section of KRS Chapter 148 to provide qualified Kentucky residents who are permanently and totally disabled veterans an exemption from the relevant overnight accommodations rate at any Kentucky State Park; require the exemption to apply ...
[HB14 2010 Detail][HB14 2010 Text][HB14 2010 Comments]
signed by Governor (Acts ch. 3)

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