Florida Code | Chapter 893Article 055

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FLH0021IntroRequires practitioners to complete specified board-approved continuing education course to prescribe controlled substances; defines "acute pain"; provides for adoption of standards of practice for treatment of acute pain; limits prescribing of opioid...
CS/CS by Health and Human Services Committee read 1st time 663
FLH7025EngrossRepeals specified provisions that have become inoperative by noncurrent repeal or expiration & may be omitted from 2018 Florida Statutes only through reviser's bill duly enacted by Legislature.
FLS0008IntroProhibiting managed care plans and their fiscal agents or intermediaries from imposing certain requirements or conditions on recipients as a prerequisite to receiving medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services to treat substance abuse disorders; au...
Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading
FLH5003EngrossImplements specific appropriations of General Appropriations Act for 2018-2019 fiscal year.
In returning messages
FLS1372IntroProhibiting a pharmacist or practitioner from dispensing specified opioids unless the prescription bottle or container has applied to it a warning sticker approved by the Department of Health which meets certain requirements; requiring pharmacies to ...
To Senate Health Policy Committee
FLS1344IntroDeleting provisions which have become inoperative by noncurrent repeal or expiration and, pursuant to s. 11.242(5)(b) and (i), F.S., may be omitted from the 2018 Florida Statutes only through a reviser's bill duly enacted by the Legislature, etc.
To Senate Rules Committee
FLH0605IntroRequires warning label meeting certain requirements to be applied to specified opioids dispensed by pharmacists or practitioners; requires pharmacies to offer for sale prescription lock boxes; authorizes DOH to develop & distribute pamphlet.
To House Health Quality Subcommittee Committee
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