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Regular Session

An Act To Provide That A Party Who Is Adversely Affected By Final Agency Action Is Entitled To Judicial Review; To Provide That A Person May Seek Judicial Review In The Chancery Court Of The County In Which The Appellant Resides Or The Chancery Court...
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Regular Session

An Act To Create New Section 73-21-131, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Authorize Pharmacists To Test Or Screen For And Treat Certain Minor, Nonchronic Health Conditions After Completing An Approved Education Course And Meeting Other Requirements; To Pr...
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Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Sections 49-15-17 And 49-27-69, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Provide That The Monies Collected Under The Coastal Wetlands Protection Act Shall Be Deposited To The Credit Of The Coastal Preserve Account For The Benefit Of The Coastal P...
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Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 23-15-11, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Provide That A Person Disqualified As An Elector By Reason Of Conviction Of An Offense Under Section 241, Mississippi Constitution Of 1890, Shall Have His Right To Vote Restored Upon Comp...
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Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 25-43-3.114, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Require That All Rules Adopted Under The Provisions Of The Administrative Procedures Act Shall Automatically Repeal On December 31 Of The Fifth Year Following The Rule's Initial Adopti...
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Died On Calendar
Regular Session

An Act To Relieve The Purchaser Of An Automobile From Financial Obligation On The Automobile If The Purchaser Can No Longer Afford To Make Payments; To Require The Purchaser To Contact The Seller Or Financing Company To Make Arrangements To Have The ...
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Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 63-3-505, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Remove The Requirement That Visibility Must Be Bad From The Requirement That All Trucks, Or Truck-trailer Combinations, And Passenger Buses Shall Be Required To Reduce Speed To Forty-five...
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Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Provide That If A Local And Private Bill Proposes To Extend A Local Tax That Has Been Extended Two Times Before The Extension Proposed In The Bill, Then The Bill Shall Provide For A Direct Referendum To Be Held On The Question Of Extending ...
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Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Require Each Agency, Department, Community Or Junior College And Public Institution Of Higher Learning Of The State Of Mississippi To File A Report Of Transactions For All Conveyances Of Real Property, Whether Purchased, Sold, Leased, Donat...
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Approved by Governor
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Sections 57-91-5 And 57-91-7, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Revise The Definition Of The Term "contaminated Site" Under The Economic Redevelopment Act And To Revise The Time In Which Certain Counties And Municipalities May Apply To The...
[HB1265 2012 Detail][HB1265 2012 Text][HB1265 2012 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 25-3-31, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Increase The Salary Of The Governor, Effective January 1, 2016, To An Amount Equal To Fifty Percent Of The Salary Of The President Of The United States, And To Increase The Salaries Of The...
[HB1265 2011 Detail][HB1265 2011 Text][HB1265 2011 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 67-1-41, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Authorize The Department Of Revenue To Enter Into Contracts For The Sale, Franchise, License Or Lease Of The State's Wholesale Activities Associated With Distributing And Selling Wines; To...
[HB1265 2010 Detail][HB1265 2010 Text][HB1265 2010 Comments]
Died On Calendar

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