Legislative Research: KY HB331 | 2021 | Regular Session

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Regular Session

Amend KRS 156.132 to eliminate the ability of the commissioner of education or the Kentucky Board of Education to remove a local school board member; amend KRS 156.136, KRS 158.785, KRS 160.345, KRS 160.470, and KRS 160.1592 to conform.
[HB331 2021 Detail][HB331 2021 Text][HB331 2021 Comments]
became law without Governor's Signature (Acts Ch. 144)
Regular Session

Amend KRS 164A.305 to include in the definition of "qualified educational expenses" certain qualified education loan repayments and certain expenses for registered apprenticeship programs.
[HB331 2020 Detail][HB331 2020 Text][HB331 2020 Comments]
signed by Governor (Acts ch. 65)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Amend KRS 158.6453 to allow parents or guardians to choose that their student not participate in statewide student assessments; amend KRS 160.345 to conform.
[HB331 2019 Detail][HB331 2019 Text][HB331 2019 Comments]
to Education (H)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 186 to allow an applicant for a new or renewal motor vehicle registration to make a monetary donation of any amount to the Department of Parks; direct that contributions be deposited into the department's trust and...
[HB331 2018 Detail][HB331 2018 Text][HB331 2018 Comments]
to Transportation (H)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Amend KRS 176.415 to require the Department of Highways to post signs in English and in Spanish with the National Human Trafficking Resource Center telephone hotline number in every restroom on the premises of each rest area located in the Commonweal...
[HB331 2017 Detail][HB331 2017 Text][HB331 2017 Comments]
to Transportation (H)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Amend KRS 118.165 to change the filing deadline for candidates for the General Assembly to the second Tuesday in January.
[HB331 2016 Detail][HB331 2016 Text][HB331 2016 Comments]
posted in committee
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Amend KRS 141.0401 to expand the definition of "cost of goods" sold to include any costs allowed by the Internal Revenue Code; amend KRS 141.040 to conform; apply to tax years beginning on and after January 1, 2015.
[HB331 2015 Detail][HB331 2015 Text][HB331 2015 Comments]
to Appropriations & Revenue (H)
Regular Session

Create a new section of KRS Chapter 81 to establish a two-class classification for cities based on city government model type, that being cities of the first class which are cities having the alderman form of government, and home rule cities which ar...
[HB331 2014 Detail][HB331 2014 Text][HB331 2014 Comments]
signed by Governor (Acts, ch. 92)
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 164 to require public postsecondary education institutions to provide entering students with educational materials related to the responsible use of credit cards and management of personal debt; to encourage indepe...
[HB331 2013 Detail][HB331 2013 Text][HB331 2013 Comments]
to Education (S)
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
Amend KRS 244.085 to allow a person who is 18 to 21 years of age and employed as a musician or technician with a band or musical group to remain on the premises where alcoholic beverages are sold or consumed if the band or group has a verbal or writt...
[HB331 2012 Detail][HB331 2012 Text][HB331 2012 Comments]
to Licensing, Occupations, & Administrative Regulations (S)
Regular Session

(Enrolled - Dead)
Create and amend various sections in KRS Chapters 14, 14A, 271B, 272, 274, 275, 362.2, and 386, all relating to business entities, to modify the process and standards for business filings with the Secretary of State, the usage of indistinguishable na...
[HB331 2011 Detail][HB331 2011 Text][HB331 2011 Comments]
signed by Governor
Regular Session

(Enrolled - Dead)
Create a new section of Subtitle 20 of KRS Chapter 304 to define "commercial property and casually" and "loss run statement"; require an insurer to provide a loss run statement within ten days of a written request from another insurer; require the re...
[HB331 2010 Detail][HB331 2010 Text][HB331 2010 Comments]
enrolled, signed by Speaker of the House

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