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FLH5401PassRevises number of circuit court judges & county court judges.
Chapter No. 2024-194; companion bill(s) passed, see HB 5001 (Ch. 2024-231)
FLH1077PassRevises fund into which moneys recovered by state attorneys must be remitted; revises fund into which payments received must be remitted as related to public defenders or regional counsels; revises entity that funds capital collateral regional counse...
Chapter No. 2024-153
FLH0729FailRequires law enforcement officers who investigate incident of domestic violence to administer lethality assessment; requires FDLE to consult with specified entities to develop & implement assessment; requires training for officers; provides required ...
Died in Judiciary Committee
Requires clerks of circuit court, in consultation with Office of Attorney General, to develop & implement Hope Card Program; requires clerks to implement program; authorizes persons to request Hope Card after specified date; specifies when & how pers...
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