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Active Washington D.C. Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

B22-0324As introduced, this bill updates the District's notary laws to conform with current best practices. It does not require the notary's sole place of residence or business be in the District. It gives the Mayor the authority to revoke the commission of ...2017-12-20
Public Hearing Held
B22-0467As introduced, this bill establishes under what circumstances a notarial act is voidable. It establishes requirements for certain notarial acts. It establishes requirements for proof of identification of an individual seeking notary services. It esta...2017-12-20
Public Hearing Held
B22-0630Security Breach Protection Amendment Act Of 20172017-12-19
B22-0621Medical Necessity Review Criteria Emergency Amendment Act Of 20172017-12-19
Retained by the Council
B22-0611Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Support Clarification Congressional Review Emergency Amendment Act Of 20172017-12-19
Retained by the Council
B22-0631With Community Connections, Inc. 2017-12-19
Retained by the Council
B22-0623Funeral Services Consumer Protection Amendment Act Of 20172017-12-19
B22-0622Medical Necessity Review Criteria Temporary Amendment Act Of 20172017-12-19
Retained by the Council
B22-0624Personal Delivery Device Pilot Program Extension Emergency Amendment Act Of 20172017-12-19
Retained by the Council
B22-0626Revised Synthetics Abatement And Full Enforcement Drug Control Emergency Amendment Act Of 20172017-12-19
Retained by the Council

Most Viewed Washington D.C. Bills

PR22-0310Deemed approved 10/17/17Bill Text
B22-0024As introduced, this bill requires that the DC Bar Foundation ("Bar Foundation") adopt policies and procedures and create a system allowing designated legal service providers to provide representation, to eligible individuals or groups, in certain ci...Bill Text
B22-0092As introduced, this bill requires the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) to monitor and investigate short term rentals for compliance with zoning regulations, building codes, health codes and housing codes among other things. DCRA m...Bill Text
B22-0042As introduced, this bill excludes the annual salary of those employed with the Fraternal Order of Police Metropolitan Police Department Labor Committee and of those employed with the International Association of Fire Fighters, Washington D.C. Fire Fi...Bill Text
B22-0030The Chairman is referring this legislation sequentially to the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety until July 15, 2017, and then to the Committee of the Whole. As introduced, this bill legalizes the possession, consumption, display, purchasing...Bill Text
B22-0138Medical Marijuana Dispensary Congressional Review Emergency Amendment Act Of 2017Bill Text
B22-0017Elderly Tenant And Tenant With A Disability Protection Emergency Amendment Act Of 2017Bill Text
B22-0041As introduced, this bill increases the number of sworn officers to 4,200. It also establishes the MPD Workforce Investment Fund to be administered by the Chief Financial Officer. It requires that the money in the Fund be used to support pay increase...Bill Text
B22-0029Law 22-21 concerns water quality at District public and charter schools and child development centers. It requires the Department of General Services (DGS) to locate, test, label, install filters, and place specified signage on each water source at D...Bill Text
B22-0058With Fast Enterprises, LLCBill Text

Most Monitored Washington D.C. Bills

B22-0133As introduced, this bill establishes which employers are required to provide paid-leave compensation to their employees and which employees meet the eligibility criteria for paid-leave compensation. It establishes the duration and amount of compensa...Bill Text
B22-0100As introduced, this bill prohibits the formation of certain agreements between a tenant or a tenant association and a housing provider. Agreements may not be made that would result in subjecting other current or future tenants to a rent adjustment, r...Bill Text
B22-0315As introduced, this bill exempts owner occupied single-family homes with accessory dwelling units from the requirements of the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA). Accessory dwelling units are basements, carriage houses, converted garages, or s...Bill Text
B22-0130As introduced, this bill establishes that employees are eligible once every 52 weeks for paid-leave compensation from his or her employer pursuant to a qualifying family, medical or parental leave event. Small and very small employers as defined by t...Bill Text
B22-0063As introduced, this bill establishes a wireless network task force to provide policy recommendations on how the District can efficiently provide free wireless internet access throughout the District and construct and operate a municipal wireless netw...Bill Text
B22-0025As introduced, this bill restricts the standard annual rent increase for most rent-control units to either the amount specified by the Consumer Price Index-Washington or 5% of the rent charged, whichever is less. The bill also limits rent increases o...Bill Text
B22-0160As introduced, this bill establishes a Digital Literacy Council to advise the Mayor and Council on how to improve the digital literacy of the residents of the District. The Mayor and the Office of the State Superintendent are required to submit to th...Bill Text
PR22-0076Force Of 4,200 - Police Officer Recruitment And Retention Emergency Declaration Resolution Of 2017Bill Text
B22-0016As introduced, this bill prohibits an employer from screening prospective employees based on their wage history and also prohibits an employer from seeking the wage history of the prospective employee. Exceptions are if the employer has made an offer...Bill Text
B22-0028As introduced, this bill eliminates the civil statute of limitations for recovery of damages arising out of child sex abuse claims. It also provides a two year period for people with previously barred child sex abuse claims due to statute of limitati...Bill Text

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