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HIHB1246EngrossSpecifies that certain violations of the Fireworks Control Law shall be considered an activity that causes air pollution under the Hawaii Air Pollution Control Act and a violation of noise control rules under the Hawaii noise pollution laws, and puni...
To Senate Public Safety, Intergovernmental and Military Affairs Committee
HIHB22IntroIncreases the fines assessed against noncandidate committees for violations of organizational report requirements. Increases the fines for violations of campaign advertisement notice requirements. Effective 7/1/2112. (HD2)
To House Finance Committee
HIHB1197IntroAllows for lesser emergency period penalties to be adopted and promulgated by the governor or a mayor. Authorizes the county prosecutors to exercise discretion with the offense charged and the penalty sought for certain first-time violations of COVID...
To House Pandemic & Disaster Preparedness Committee
HIHB831IntroIncreases administrative and criminal penalties for those who violate the Hawaii pesticides law.
To House Agriculture Committee
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