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WYHB0051PassAN ACT relating to the emergency expenses of government; authorizing a governmental program related to expanding and enhancing meat processing capabilities; providing for an appropriation; providing a sunset date for the program; providing rulemaking...
Assigned Chapter Number 155
WYSF0024FailAN ACT relating to animals; creating provisions relating to posting bond for an impounded animal other than a livestock animal; amending bond provision for impounded livestock animals as specified; and providing for an effective date.
S:Died in Committee Returned Bill Pursuant to SR 5-4
WYSF0025PassAN ACT relating to crimes and offenses; amending enforcement provisions; providing for the possession and care of impounded animals as a result of charges; amending provisions relating to the cost and disposition of impounded animals; providing alter...
Assigned Chapter Number 119
WYSF0050EnrollAN ACT relating to emergency expenses of government related to business relief; providing funding for grants to agriculture businesses impacted by COVID-19; providing an appropriation of federal CARES Act or other similarly purposed funds; and provid...
Assigned Chapter Number 110
WYHB0052PassAN ACT relating to school nutrition; codifying a project that provides grants for school districts to increase the availability of Wyoming meat products in school nutrition programs; requiring matching funds; authorizing the department of education t...
Assigned Chapter Number 74
WYHB0054PassAN ACT relating to agriculture and economic development; amending the duties of the Wyoming business council to require support for Wyoming producers in the agriculture and meat processing industry; expanding permissible loans and grants to Wyoming m...
Assigned Chapter Number 44
WYSF0026PassAN ACT relating to animal abuse crimes; reorganizing and amending offenses involving animal abuse; making conforming amendments; continuing and modifying an account for reimbursement of costs incurred by counties in animal abuse cases; and providing ...
Assigned Chapter Number 30
WYHB0053PassAN ACT relating to agriculture; creating duties for the Wyoming weed and pest council related to the management and control of invasive species; implementing recommendations from the Governor's Invasive Species Initiative; providing rulemaking author...
Assigned Chapter Number 2
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