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Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 27-19-56.412, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Reduce The Amount Of The Additional Fee Required For The Issuance Of Distinctive Motor Vehicle License Tags With The Word "adoption" Used In The Design Of The License Tags; And For Re...
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Referred To Ways and Means
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 37-151-5, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Define The Term "average Daily Membership (adm)" For Purposes Of The Mississippi Adequate Education Program; To Amend Section 37-151-7, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Provide For The Determ...
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Died In Conference
Regular Session

An Act To Establish The Commission For Racial Reconciliation; To Prescribe The Membership Of The Commission And To Provide For Its Organization And Meetings; To Provide The Commission's Functions And Duties; To Require The Commission To Submit A Writ...
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Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act Making An Appropriation From Special Funds In The State Treasury For The Purpose Of Defraying The Expenses Of The State Board Of Medical Licensure For The Fiscal Year 2022.
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Approved by Governor
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 21-17-19, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Provide That Any Notice That Is Required By Law To Publish Or Advertise May Be Published Electronically, As Long As The Governing Authority Passes An Ordinance Providing For The Electroni...
[HB1369 2020 Detail][HB1369 2020 Text][HB1369 2020 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Create New Sections 25-11-147 And 25-11-321, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Provide That If A Member Of The Public Employees' Retirement System Who Is An Elected Official Or A Member Of The Supplemental Legislative Retirement Plan Is Convicte...
[HB1369 2019 Detail][HB1369 2019 Text][HB1369 2019 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Create The "mississippi Regional Early College High School Act Of 2018"; To Declare The Legislative Purposes Of Regional Early College High Schools; To Define Certain Terms And Phrases Used In The Act; To Initiate The Development Of Rules A...
[HB1369 2018 Detail][HB1369 2018 Text][HB1369 2018 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 97-1-5, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Clarify Meaning Of Crime Of Violence For The Penalty Provisions Regarding The Crime Of Accessory After The Fact; And For Related Purposes.
[HB1369 2017 Detail][HB1369 2017 Text][HB1369 2017 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 41-29-113, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Add Acetyl Fentanyl And Synthetic Cathinones To The List Of Stimulants In Schedule I And To Exclude Ioflupane; To Amend Section 41-29-115, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Provide That Hydro...
[HB1369 2016 Detail][HB1369 2016 Text][HB1369 2016 Comments]
Approved by Governor
Regular Session

An Act To Create A County Court In And For Every County; To Amend Section 9-9-1, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Create County Court Districts; To Amend Section 9-9-5, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Set Forth The Qualifications Of Judges Of The County Cou...
[HB1369 2015 Detail][HB1369 2015 Text][HB1369 2015 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 27-3-79, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To To Require The Department Of Revenue To Develop A Tax Amnesty Program; To Provide That The Program Will Begin On September 30, 2014, And End On December 31, 2014, And Will Apply To All Tax...
[HB1369 2014 Detail][HB1369 2014 Text][HB1369 2014 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 41-29-153, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Exclude Child Support Obligations From Forfeiture Of Loss As A Result Of Violations Of The Uniform Controlled Substances Law; To Amend Section 41-29-177, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Dir...
[HB1369 2013 Detail][HB1369 2013 Text][HB1369 2013 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Motor Carriers Laws To Reflect The Prior Transfer Of The Duties Of The Public Service Commission To The Mississippi Transportation Commission; To Amend Sections 77-7-7, 77-7-21, 77-7-23, 77-7-55, 77-7-115, 77-7-119, 77-7-125, 77-7-127...
[HB1369 2012 Detail][HB1369 2012 Text][HB1369 2012 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 23-15-299, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Provide The Option Of Extending The Qualifying Deadline For The Offices Of Constable, Board Of Supervisors And Justice Court Judge To Each County Board Of Supervisors; And For Related Pu...
[HB1369 2011 Detail][HB1369 2011 Text][HB1369 2011 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Create The Mississippi Uniform Trust Code; To Create New Section 91-23-101, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Enact A Short Title; To Create New Section 91-23-102, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Specify The Scope Of The Act; To Create New Section ...
[HB1369 2010 Detail][HB1369 2010 Text][HB1369 2010 Comments]
Died In Committee

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