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Regular Session

Amend KRS 68.197 to allow a person paying a county license fee and a city license fee in counties with a population of 100,000 or greater to credit the fees; allow cities and counties to enter an agreement relating to crediting occupational taxes in ...
[HB428 2021 Detail][HB428 2021 Text][HB428 2021 Comments]
to Committee on Committees (H)
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
Establish KRS Chapter 403A and create new sections thereof to establish the Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act; amend KRS 403.280, 403.320, 403.340, 403.352, and 403.353 to conform.
[HB428 2020 Detail][HB428 2020 Text][HB428 2020 Comments]
to Judiciary (S)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Amend KRS 189A.005 to define "alcohol monitoring device"; amend KRS 189A.070 to allow day-for-day credit for those using an alcohol monitoring device and have had their driver's license suspended for a DUI; amend KRS 431.068 to allow a county attorne...
[HB428 2019 Detail][HB428 2019 Text][HB428 2019 Comments]
to Judiciary (H)
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 222 to provide for an opioid assessment detention at an appropriate medical facility when a person has had an opioid overdose and been treated with naloxone or another opioid overdose intervention drug.
[HB428 2018 Detail][HB428 2018 Text][HB428 2018 Comments]
to Health & Welfare (S)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Amend KRS 341.150 to make language gender-neutral.
[HB428 2017 Detail][HB428 2017 Text][HB428 2017 Comments]
to Economic Development & Workforce Investment (H)
Regular Session

Amend KRS 525.125 to make any person who knowingly owns, possesses, keeps, breeds, trains, sells, or otherwise transfers a dog for the purpose of that dog or its offspring being used to fight for pleasure or profit guilty of cruelty to animals in the...
[HB428 2016 Detail][HB428 2016 Text][HB428 2016 Comments]
signed by Governor (Acts, ch. 64)
Regular Session

Amend KRS 196.037 to allow Department of Corrections Internal Affairs officers and supervisors of the department to have the powers of peace officers while carrying out their duties; amend KRS 186.412 to remove the requirement that offenders released...
[HB428 2015 Detail][HB428 2015 Text][HB428 2015 Comments]
signed by Governor (Acts, ch. 126)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Amend KRS 158.162 to include response to a violent intruder in school emergency response plans or drills; amend KRS 158.164 to conform.
[HB428 2014 Detail][HB428 2014 Text][HB428 2014 Comments]
to Education (H)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Create new sections of KRS Chapter 311 to define terms, including "anesthesiologist," "anesthesiologist assistant," "approved anesthesiologist assistant program," "immediately available," "general anesthesia," "supervising anesthesiologist," and "sup...
[HB428 2013 Detail][HB428 2013 Text][HB428 2013 Comments]
to Health & Welfare (H)
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Amend KRS 6.525 to prohibit members of the Legislators' Retirement Plan, who begin contributing on or after July 1, 2013, from using salary earned in another state-administered retirement system or plan to calculate benefits in the Legislators' Retir...
[HB428 2012 Detail][HB428 2012 Text][HB428 2012 Comments]
to State Government (H)
Regular Session

(Enrolled - Dead)
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 157 to direct the Department of Education to determine urgent and critical construction needs; direct the department to provide a funding allocation to a district for a school that is closed to the public because i...
[HB428 2011 Detail][HB428 2011 Text][HB428 2011 Comments]
signed by Governor
Regular Session

Amend KRS 186.412 to specify the required documentation for issuing operators' licenses and personal identification cards to felony offenders.
[HB428 2010 Detail][HB428 2010 Text][HB428 2010 Comments]
signed by Governor (Acts ch. 98)

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