Legislative Research: DE HB285 | 2017-2018 | 149th General Assembly

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149th General Assembly

This Act is designed to create procedures in Delaware for making sure firearms are not in the hands of dangerous people while protecting due process and not creating a barrier to care for those suffering from mental illness. This Act intends to put D...
[HB285 2017 Detail][HB285 2017 Text][HB285 2017 Comments]
Introduced and Assigned to House Administration Committee in House
148th General Assembly

(Introduced - Dead)
Under current Delaware law the Department of Corrections has the power to increase or decrease a probationer’s Accountability Level between I, II and III without leave of the court. This bill would allow the Department to continue to lower the ...
[HB285 2015 Detail][HB285 2015 Text][HB285 2015 Comments]
Introduced and Assigned to Corrections Committee in House
147th General Assembly

(Introduced - Dead)
This Act requires auctioneer and auction firm licensing and creates a commission to license auctioneers and auction firms and to oversee their activities. Approximately forty other states license and regulate the auctioneering profession. This legisl...
[HB285 2013 Detail][HB285 2013 Text][HB285 2013 Comments]
HS 1 for HB 285 - Assigned to Economic Development/Banking/Insurance/Commerce
146th General Assembly

This bill corrects technical errors to House Bill 177, passed in 2011 and dealing with juvenile expungement. Section 1 addresses confusion which has arisen regarding whether a Family Court judge may order expungement of charges arising in other count...
[HB285 2011 Detail][HB285 2011 Text][HB285 2011 Comments]
Signed by Governor
145th General Assembly

(Introduced - Dead)
An Act To Amend Title 12 Of The Delaware Code Relating To Escheat
[HB285 2009 Detail][HB285 2009 Text][HB285 2009 Comments]
Introduced and Assigned to Revenue & Finance Committee in House

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