Bill Text: AZ HCR2041 | 2018 | Fifty-third Legislature 2nd Regular | Introduced

Bill Title: Honoring Native American veterans

Spectrum: Bipartisan Bill

Status: (Introduced - Dead) 2018-05-03 - Assigned to House RULES Committee [HCR2041 Detail]

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REFERENCE TITLE: honoring Native American veterans





State of Arizona

House of Representatives

Fifty-third Legislature

Second Regular Session




HCR 2041


Introduced by

Representatives Descheenie: Alston, Andrade, Benally, Blanc, Bolding, Bowers, Campbell, Cardenas, Carter, Chávez, Clark, Engel, Epstein, Espinoza, Fernandez, Friese, Gabaldón, Gonzales, Grantham, Hernandez, John, Lawrence, Leach, Livingston, Mitchell, Nutt, Payne, Peten, Powers Hannley, Rios, Rivero, Saldate, Salman, Toma, Townsend, Udall, Ugenti-Rita, Senators Peshlakai, Yee





honoring native american veterans for their service during world war II.





Whereas, Native Americans are the indigenous people of the United States; and

Whereas, Native Americans fought and died protecting their land for centuries and have continued to protect their lands and this country by joining the United States armed forces; and

Whereas, an estimated 44,000 Native Americans fought honorably during World War II, making Native Americans the highest voluntary enlisters in the military; and

Whereas, Native American women also served as nurses and in other positions that were open to women at the time; and

Whereas, Native Americans who did not fight in the war provided support through the purchase of war bonds and constructing depots needed by troops. Native Americans invested more than $50 million in war bonds and contributed to the American Red Cross and army and navy relief societies; and

Whereas, the Navajo Code Talkers from the Navajo Nation and Code Talkers from other tribes played an imperative role during World War II. Navajo troops developed and created unbreakable code language that was used to send information on tactics, troop movements and orders over the radio. These communications were a key factor in the victories at Iwo Jima and Saipan and of other major battles in the Pacific theater.


Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Arizona, the Senate concurring:

That the Members of the Legislature recognize and honor Native Americans veterans from Arizona and across the country who served to protect the citizens of this nation during World War II.