Legislative Research: MD SB118 | 2019 | Regular Session

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Regular Session

Establishing that the Secretary of State Police is not required to submit certain fingerprints with a certain application for a criminal history records check if the applicant's fingerprints are already on file with the Department of State Police.
[SB118 2019 Detail][SB118 2019 Text][SB118 2019 Comments]
Unfavorable Report by Judicial Proceedings; Withdrawn
Regular Session

Requiring that an appointment to the Board of License Commissioners for Baltimore City made when the Senate is not in session be subject to the advice and consent of the Senate when the Senate next convenes; authorizing the Board to issue a Class D b...
[SB118 2018 Detail][SB118 2018 Text][SB118 2018 Comments]
Approved by the Governor - Chapter 750
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Increasing from 33% to 38% the percentage of the proceeds from video lottery terminals at the Cecil County facility that are paid to the video lottery operation licensee of the facility; requiring that 2% of the proceeds from video lottery terminals ...
[SB118 2017 Detail][SB118 2017 Text][SB118 2017 Comments]
Hearing 2/01 at 2:00 p.m.
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Establishing a specified income tax checkoff system for voluntary contributions to the Maryland Hunger Relief Fund; requiring the Comptroller to include a checkoff on the individual income tax return; requiring the Comptroller to include in each indi...
[SB118 2016 Detail][SB118 2016 Text][SB118 2016 Comments]
Hearing 2/03 at 2:00 p.m.
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Authorizing the Workers' Compensation Commission to adopt regulations about payment for the examination of a covered employee and the preparation of a report by a medical expert engaged by a party; authorizing the Commission to regulate fees and othe...
[SB118 2015 Detail][SB118 2015 Text][SB118 2015 Comments]
Hearing 2/10 at 1:00 p.m.
Regular Session

Repealing a requirement that the Department of Juvenile Services adopt regulations requiring the provision of year-round educational services in residential programs; repealing a requirement that the State Department of Education develop and implemen...
[SB118 2014 Detail][SB118 2014 Text][SB118 2014 Comments]
Approved by the Governor - Chapter 33
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Requiring the Governor annually to proclaim the first Monday of October to be Young Heroes Day, in recognition of positive contributions that minors have made to society.
[SB118 2013 Detail][SB118 2013 Text][SB118 2013 Comments]
Hearing 1/31 at 2:00 p.m.
Regular Session

Authorizing the Department of Agriculture to establish requirements for the voluntary certification and registration of sediment credits on agricultural land under the Voluntary Agricultural Nutrient Credit Certification Program; clarifying the autho...
[SB118 2012 Detail][SB118 2012 Text][SB118 2012 Comments]
Approved by the Governor
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Reducing from 18 months to 12 months the period of time a judge may sentence an individual to a local correctional facility; and prohibiting a judge from sentencing an individual to a local correctional facility for a period exceeding 12 months.
[SB118 2011 Detail][SB118 2011 Text][SB118 2011 Comments]
Unfavorable Report by Judicial Proceedings
Regular Session

Increasing from $10,000 to $15,000 the maximum amount in controversy in a civil action in which a party may not demand a jury trial; providing for the construction and application of the Act; and making the Act contingent on the passage and ratificat...
[SB118 2010 Detail][SB118 2010 Text][SB118 2010 Comments]
Approved by the Governor

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