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Regular Session

Natural Resources, Dept of Conservation may permit residential coastal riparian owners to dredge to create living shorelines
[HB215 2024 Detail][HB215 2024 Text][HB215 2024 Comments]
Pending House Ports, Waterways & Intermodal Transit
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
Relating to consumer credit financing in the sale or lease of motor vehicles; to amend Section 8-37A-4 of the Code of Alabama 1975, as added by Act 2022-179 of the 2022 Regular Session, relating to motor vehicle value protection agreements and the re...
[HB215 2023 Detail][HB215 2023 Text][HB215 2023 Comments]
Read Second Time in Second House
Regular Session

Class 3 municipalities, entertainment districts, further provided, Sec. 28-3A-17.1 am'd.
[HB215 2022 Detail][HB215 2022 Text][HB215 2022 Comments]
Delivered to Governor at 3:34 p.m. on March 29, 2022.
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Sheriffs, term of office, to commence following election, technical revisions to term of county commissioner, Sec. 36-3-4 am'd.
[HB215 2021 Detail][HB215 2021 Text][HB215 2021 Comments]
Indefinitely Postponed
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
Time; to adopt Daylight Savings Time statewide if Congress amends Federal law to allow it.
[HB215 2020 Detail][HB215 2020 Text][HB215 2020 Comments]
Read for the first time and referred to the Senate committee on Governmental Affairs
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Economic and industrial development, governing bodies of all counties and municipalities have continuing power to promote, local constitutional amendment repealed, Amendment 772 (Section 94.01, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended) ...
[HB215 2019 Detail][HB215 2019 Text][HB215 2019 Comments]
Read for the first time and referred to the House of Representatives committee on Economic Development and Tourism
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Tennessee Valley Authority, payments in-lieu-of-taxes, redistribution of the payments to dry counties and municipalities under existing law to counties served by TVA, certain increases in liquor tax receipts distributed to dry counties and municipali...
[HB215 2018 Detail][HB215 2018 Text][HB215 2018 Comments]
Read for the first time and referred to the House of Representatives committee on Ways and Means General Fund
Regular Session

Money transmission services, regulation and licensing by Securities Commission, approval of authorized delegates, fees, exemptions, duties, penalties, Sec. 8-7-1 repealed; Secs. 8-7A-1 to 8-7A-27, inclusive, added
[HB215 2017 Detail][HB215 2017 Text][HB215 2017 Comments]
Delivered to Governor at 10:19 p.m. on May 17, 2017.
Regular Session

Volunteer fire depts., certification by Forestry Commission, minimum standards for equipment, decertification authorized, rules re certification and decertification authorized, Sec. 9-3-17am'd.
[HB215 2016 Detail][HB215 2016 Text][HB215 2016 Comments]
Delivered to Governor at 11:00 a.m. on May 4, 2016.
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Revenue and taxation, deductions, contributions made by taxpayer to his or her health savings account up to max. amount allowed by federal law are deductible on the Alabama Individual Income Tax Return, Sec. 40-18-15.6 added
[HB215 2015 Detail][HB215 2015 Text][HB215 2015 Comments]
Read for the first time and referred to the House of Representatives committee on Ways and Means Education
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Ad valorem tax, Class II and Class III property, reappraisal every four years, Sec. 40-7-60 am'd.
[HB215 2014 Detail][HB215 2014 Text][HB215 2014 Comments]
Read for the first time and referred to the House of Representatives committee on County and Municipal Government
Regular Session

Motor vehicles, license tags and distinctive license tags, issuance further provided for through Revenue Department, commitments, National Guard tags, distribution of money to foundation, motorcycle tags, out-of-state college tags, retired volunteer ...
[HB215 2013 Detail][HB215 2013 Text][HB215 2013 Comments]
Delivered to Governor at 11:59 p.m. on May 20, 2013.
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Small Business and Job Creation Fund, established, funded with annual transfer from Alabama Trust Fund for three years, exceptions, administration of fund by Alabama Development Office, const. amend.
[HB215 2012 Detail][HB215 2012 Text][HB215 2012 Comments]
Read for the first time and referred to the House of Representatives committee on Economic Development and Tourism
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Pardons and Paroles Board, certain nonviolent offenders incarcerated for certain period of time, early release and mandatory supervision established, persons ineligible, duties of board for successful reentry into community, conditional appropriation...
[HB215 2011 Detail][HB215 2011 Text][HB215 2011 Comments]
Read for the first time and referred to the House of Representatives committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Occupational tax, levy by county or municipality, prohibited, const. amend.
[HB215 2010 Detail][HB215 2010 Text][HB215 2010 Comments]
Indefinitely Postponed

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