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IDS1054PassHEALTH -- Amends existing law to revise provisions regarding the appointing authority for regional behavioral health boards.
Session Law Chapter 151 Effective: 07/01/2019
IDH0109PassHEALTH -- Adds to existing law to provide for a Maternal Mortality Review Committee that will investigate causes and factors associated with deaths relating to pregnancy or childbirth.
IDH0037PassHEALTH -- Amends existing law to revise the definition of “serious emotional disturbance” regarding children's mental health services.
Reported Signed by Governor on March 7, 2019 Session Law Chapter 46 Effective: 07/01/2019
IDS1099EngrossHEALTH -- Amends existing law to provide for temporary alcohol-drug abuse treatment facilities.
To House Health and Welfare Committee
IDH0133EngrossHEALTH -- Amends existing law to require that certain information regarding immunization exemptions be given by daycare facilities and schools to parents or guardians enrolling children.
To Senate Health and Welfare Committee
IDHJM001PassHEALTH -- Stating findings of the Legislature and requesting that the Federal Communications Commission and Congress take action to create a national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline with a three-digit number.
Delivered to Secretary of State at 11:24 a.m. on February 22, 2019
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