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HISB415EngrossEstablishes a task force to review other states that allow APRNs or similar health care providers to perform abortions, patient access to abortion services, and the costs of unintended teenage pregnancies; study the Safe Haven Law; and submit a repor...
To House Consumer Protection & Commerce Committee
HIHB1184IntroEnsures the protection and promotion of the health and well being of all infants born alive the State. Mandates medically appropriate and reasonable life-saving and life-sustaining medical care and treatment to all born alive infants. Provides civil ...
The committees on HLT recommend that the measure be HELD. The votes were as follows: 6 Ayes: Representative(s) Mizuno, B. Kobayashi, Belatti, San Buenaventura, Say, Tokioka; Ayes with reservations: none; 1 Noes: Representative(s) Ward; and 1 Excused: Representative(s) Nakamura.
HIHB1434IntroAuthorizes advanced practice registered nurses to provide abortions. Clarifies who may refuse to perform an abortion and notice procedures for refusal. Authorizes the board of nursing to adopt interim rules.
To House Health Committee
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