Florida Code | Chapter 655 Article 960

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FLH0971PassProvides for rights & privileges of electric bicycles & operators; provides that electric bicycles are vehicles to same extent as bicycles; exempts electric bicycles & operators from specified provisions; requires labeling of electric bicycles; requi...
Chapter No. 2020-69
FLH6083FailRepeals provisions relating to Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Program & authorization to use traffic infraction detectors; repeals provisions relating to distribution of penalties, transitional implementation, & placement & installation; conforms cross-...
Died in Appropriations Committee
FLS1148IntroRevising definitions relating to the Florida Uniform Traffic Control Law; authorizing a county or municipality to enact an ordinance regulating the operation of electric bicycles on sidewalks or sidewalk areas when such use is permissible under feder...
Laid on Table, refer to CS/CS/HB 971
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