Double Take 2009: Depicting the Cold War

While watching the movie called Double Take, I have noticed an amazing thing . The director has managed to combine the history of the Cold War with genre of suspense into an incredible and, I would say, impossible mixture of documentary, dark comedy. In the movie Johan Grimoprez, the directors, explores, the American paranoia in the course of the Cold War while applying to clips of the classic film by Alfred Hitchcock. 
The beginning is promising, believe me. You won’t be sorry for watching this movie because it is really unusual and extraordinary. While disclosing the events of 50s and 60s of the past century, the director ponders on the symbolic nature of popular culture and politics to represent the history as a fictional narrative. Being inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’s stories, the movie reflects a fiction world where nationalism and fear come to the forth.  I believe this is one of the main reasons why Double Take was recognized at 2009 London Film Festival . Despite the fact that the movie is primarily built on fictional elements, one can still track the elements taken from history and literature. Therefore, the movie is of great educational and historical value as well.
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