Legislative Research: OH HB510 | 2011-2012 | 129th General Assembly

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SessionTitle/DescriptionLast Action
131st General Assembly

(Introduced - Dead)
To amend sections 109.84, 126.30, 145.2915, 2307.84, 2307.91, 2307.97, 2317.02, 2913.48, 3121.899, 3701.741, 3963.10, 4115.03, 4121.03, 4121.12, 4121.121, 4121.125, 4121.127, 4121.129, 4121.30, 4121.31, 4121.32, 4121.34, 4121.36, 4121.41, 4121.44, 41...
[HB510 2015 Detail][HB510 2015 Text][HB510 2015 Comments]
Refer to Committee: Insurance
130th General Assembly

(Introduced - Dead)
To amend sections 5751.03 and 5751.20 and to enact section 5751.031 of the Revised Code to reduce the commercial activity tax (CAT) rate and minimum payment amounts and to reduce the proportion of CAT revenue allocated to the general revenue fund.
[HB510 2013 Detail][HB510 2013 Text][HB510 2013 Comments]
To Ways and Means
129th General Assembly

To amend sections 122.17, 122.171, 122.85, 145.114, 145.116, 149.311, 150.01, 150.07, 150.10, 715.013, 742.114, 742.116, 1311.85, 1311.86, 1311.87, 1311.88, 3307.152, 3307.154, 3309.157, 3309.159, 5505.068, 5505.0610, 5703.052, 5703.053, 5703.70, 570...
[HB510 2011 Detail][HB510 2011 Text][HB510 2011 Comments]
Effective Date
128th General Assembly

(Introduced - Dead)
To establish a dam construction permit pilot program that, with respect to an eligible dam project, establishes permit fee and bonding requirements that are different from the permit fee and bonding requirements otherwise required under applicable la...
[HB510 2009 Detail][HB510 2009 Text][HB510 2009 Comments]
Committee Report
127th General Assembly

(Introduced - Dead)
To enact section 3345.43 of the Revised Code to require state institutions of higher education to designate their law enforcement and medical services units and their threat assessment teams as "school officials" for purposes of receiving student edu...
[HB510 2007 Detail][HB510 2007 Text][HB510 2007 Comments]
To Education

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Legislative Citation

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