Bill Text: NY A02660 | 2021-2022 | General Assembly | Introduced

Bill Title: Relates to universal pre-K school bus transportation.

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Democrat 3-0)

Status: (Introduced) 2021-01-19 - referred to education [A02660 Detail]

Download: New_York-2021-A02660-Introduced.html

                STATE OF NEW YORK


                               2021-2022 Regular Sessions

                   IN ASSEMBLY

                                    January 19, 2021

        Introduced  by M. of A. FAHY, GRIFFIN, LUPARDO -- read once and referred
          to the Committee on Education

        AN ACT to amend the education law, in relation to universal  pre-kinder-
          garten school bus transportation

          The  People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assem-
        bly, do enact as follows:

     1    Section 1. Paragraph g of subdivision 1 of section 3635 of the  educa-
     2  tion  law,  as  added  by chapter 244 of the laws of 2012, is amended to
     3  read as follows:
     4    g. Notwithstanding any other provision of law  to  the  contrary,  the
     5  trustees  or  board  of  education  of  any  school district may, in its
     6  discretion, provide transportation for students  attending  a  universal
     7  pre-kindergarten  program  in  addition to transportation funded by such
     8  program or transportation for students attending another district  spon-
     9  sored  or  district-run  pre-kindergarten program, within mileage limits
    10  established by the school  district;  if  provided  such  transportation
    11  shall  be offered equally to all children in like circumstances residing
    12  in the district. The cost of providing such transportation  shall  be  a
    13  charge  upon  the district [and]; provided that for purposes of subdivi-
    14  sion seven of section thirty-six hundred two of this [chapter]  article,
    15  such  pupils shall be considered [non] allowable pupils and the costs of
    16  their transportation shall [not] be aidable.
    17    § 2. This act shall take effect immediately and  shall  apply  to  the
    18  2023--2024 school year and all school years commencing thereafter.

         EXPLANATION--Matter in italics (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                              [ ] is old law to be omitted.