Legislative Research: MS SB2258 | 2019 | Regular Session

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Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 37-3-9, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Provide A Statutory Limitation On The Salary Of The State Superintendent Of Public Education; And For Related Purposes.
[SB2258 2020 Detail][SB2258 2020 Text][SB2258 2020 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 23-15-49, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Authorize Qualified Electors To Submit Voter Registration Applications Through A Secure Internet Website Established By The Secretary Of State; To Establish The Procedure By Which The Cou...
[SB2258 2019 Detail][SB2258 2019 Text][SB2258 2019 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 99-19-81, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Revise Sentencing Of An Offender As A Habitual Offender; And For Related Purposes.
[SB2258 2018 Detail][SB2258 2018 Text][SB2258 2018 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 67-3-9, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Authorize Any City In This State Having A Population Of Not Less Than 1,500 According To The Latest Federal Census And Located Within Three Miles Of A City Or County That Permits The Sale, ...
[SB2258 2017 Detail][SB2258 2017 Text][SB2258 2017 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 57-26-5, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Extend Until July 1, 2019, The Authority Of The Mississippi Development Authority To Issue Certificates Designating An Entity As An Approved Participant And Authorizing The Approved Partic...
[SB2258 2016 Detail][SB2258 2016 Text][SB2258 2016 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 37-1-9, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Empower The State Board Of Education To Compel Attendance, Administer Oaths, Take Depositions And Issue Subpoenas, And To Exempt Certain Investigative Records Of The State Department Of Edu...
[SB2258 2015 Detail][SB2258 2015 Text][SB2258 2015 Comments]
Approved by Governor
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 43-13-117.1, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Authorize Medicaid Coverage For Home/therapeutic Leave Days For The Supervised Living Waiver Program; And For Related Purposes.
[SB2258 2014 Detail][SB2258 2014 Text][SB2258 2014 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Provide That Persons Convicted Of Certain Violent Crimes Are Not Eligible For Earned-time Allowances, Trusty-time Allowances Or Meritorious Earned-time Allowances; To Provide An Exception From Such Ineligibility For Persons Convicted Of Man...
[SB2258 2013 Detail][SB2258 2013 Text][SB2258 2013 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 63-11-30, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Authorize House Arrest At A Treatment Facility As Confinement Under The Act; And For Related Purposes.
[SB2258 2012 Detail][SB2258 2012 Text][SB2258 2012 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Provide For The Creation Of The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum; To Provide That The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Shall Be Under The Supervision And Control Of The Department Of Archives And History; To Provide For The Powers And Duties ...
[SB2258 2011 Detail][SB2258 2011 Text][SB2258 2011 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Authorize A Circuit Judge To Restore To A Defendant The Right Of Suffrage; And For Related Purposes.
[SB2258 2010 Detail][SB2258 2010 Text][SB2258 2010 Comments]
Died In Committee

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