Idaho Senator Phil Hart [R]

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IDS1247PassHEALTH -- Adds to existing law to provide for 24-hour holds for persons with major neurocognitive disorders experiencing an acute crisis.
Session Law Chapter 264 Effective: 10/01/2024
IDS1317PassLICENSE PLATES -- Amends existing law to allow for the establishment of specialty license plates for the benefit of the Idaho State Board of Education and to establish a Don't Tread on Me license plate to generate funds for an existing gun safety edu...
Session Law Chapter 187 Effective: 07/01/2024
IDS1282PassMOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATION -- Amends existing law to establish provisions regarding temporary motor vehicle registration permits.
Session Law Chapter 41 Effective: 07/01/2024
IMMIGRATION -- States findings of the Legislature and calls on Congress to impeach the President and to prioritize laws tightening border security and immigration.
U.C. to be returned to State Affairs Committee
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