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ARHB1469PassTo Amend The Definition Of "foster Home" Under The Child Welfare Agency Licensing Act; And To Amend The Law Concerning Foster Homes.
Notification that HB1469 is now Act 663
ARHCR1011EnrollTo Recognize The Positive Contribution Of The Filming Of Hbo Series “true Detective” In Arkansas.
Correctly enrolled and ordered transmitted to the Governor's Office.
ARHB1471PassTo Create The Mental Health For Individuals Who Are Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing Bill Of Rights Act.
Notification that HB1471 is now Act 644
ARHR1017IntroCommending The Arkansas Chapter Of The Alzheimer's Association And Proclaiming February 26, 2019, As Alzheimer's Awareness Day.
Returned by the Committee Do Pass
ARHB1689PassTo Amend The Law Concerning The Penalties For Passing An Authorized Vehicle Stopped On A Highway.
Notification that HB1689 is now Act 550
ARHB1470PassConcerning Mandated Reporters Under The Adult And Long-term Care Facility Resident Maltreatment Act And The Child Maltreatment Act; Amending The Law On Protective Custody; And To Amend The Law On Investigative Determinations.
Notification that HB1470 is now Act 531
ARHR1056IntroCelebrating Women In Public Office Day.
ARHB1379PassTo Reconcile Differences Between The Offenses Of Domestic Battering In The First Degree And Battery In The First Degree; And To Increase The Penalties For Battery Offenses Under Certain Circumstances.
Notification that HB1379 is now Act 498
ARHB1380PassCreating A Privilege Of Communication Between A Victim Of Domestic Violence And The Personnel Of A Domestic Violence Shelter Or Center; And To Make Confidential Communications Between A Victim And A Victim Advocate.
Notification that HB1380 is now Act 499
ARHB1384PassTo Clarify When The Division Of Youth Services May Release Information About A Juvenile To The General Public.
Notification that HB1384 is now Act 365
ARHB1389PassTo Amend Statutes Concerning Theft Of Property; And To Clarify That A Backup Deep Cycle Battery Is Utility Property.
Notification that HB1389 is now Act 311
ARHB1182PassTo Amend The Law Concerning Distracted Driving; And To Make The Use Of A Handheld Wireless Telephone In A School Zone A Primary Offense.
Notification that HB1182 is now Act 288
ARHB1006PassTo Amend The Law Concerning The Penalties Imposed For The Unlawful Passing Of A School Bus.
Notification that HB1006 is now Act 166
ARHB1067PassConcerning The Assessment And Collection Of Court Fines And Court Costs.
Notification that HB1067 is now Act 113
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