Maryland Code | Chapter Baltimore City Article 9

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MDHB523EngrossRequiring a landlord, or a landlord's duly authorized agent, at the time of filing a certain complaint in an action for repossession for failure to pay rent to submit documents demonstrating a property, is in compliance with certain local license req...
To Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee
MDHB1070IntroRepealing and adding certain provisions in the Public Local Laws of Baltimore City concerning landlord and tenant law and the repossession of rental property for failure to pay rent; establishing procedures for repossession by a landlord when a tenan...
To House Judiciary Committee
MDHB49IntroRequiring an action for repossession for failure to pay rent to contain certain statements on whether the property is registered or licensed under local law and is an affected property under certain lead-based paint abatement laws; authorizing a cour...
To House Environment and Transportation Committee
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