Wyoming Representative Sandy Newsome [R]

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WYSF0041PassAN ACT relating to the administration of government; amending the membership of the public safety communications commission; amending the duties of the public safety communications commission to include duties related to next generation 911 emergency...
Assigned Chapter Number 94
WYHB0044PassAN ACT relating to motor vehicles; modifying provisions related to the issuance and transfer of titles and duplicate titles; requiring a county treasurer to issue an excise tax receipt; authorizing transfer of interest in a mobile home by a single co...
Assigned Chapter Number 83
WYSF0065FailAN ACT relating to fire protection and electrical safety; amending requirements for the delegation of authority to municipalities and counties to enforce and interpret local or state fire building and electrical safety standards as specified; and pro...
S:Died in Committee Returned Bill Pursuant to SR 5-4
WYHB0065PassAN ACT relating to ad valorem taxation; specifying that an appeal is timely filed if postmarked or transmitted before the filing deadline; and providing for an effective date.
Assigned Chapter Number 21
WYSF0052FailAN ACT relating to motor vehicle license plates; authorizing specially designated license plates to be issued to increase awareness of organ, eyes and tissue donation; specifying requirements; and providing for an effective date.
COW:S Did not consider for COW
WYHB0145FailAN ACT relating to game and fish; allowing for the payment of a voluntary fee to help fund the state's public schools when purchasing a hunting or fishing license; and providing for effective dates.
Did not Consider for Introduction
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