Bill Text: NY S07078 | 2017-2018 | General Assembly | Introduced

Bill Title: Establishes the New York state service corps; relates to the New York state service corps - health services track.

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Democrat 2-0)

Status: (Introduced) 2018-01-03 - REFERRED TO LABOR [S07078 Detail]

Download: New_York-2017-S07078-Introduced.html

                STATE OF NEW YORK
                    IN SENATE
                                     January 3, 2018
        Introduced  by Sen. KAVANAGH -- read twice and ordered printed, and when
          printed to be committed to the Committee on Labor
        AN ACT to amend the labor law, in relation to establishing the New  York
          state service corps; to amend the parks, recreation and historic pres-
          ervation  law  and  the public health law, in relation to the New York
          state service corps - health services track; and to repeal  title  2-B
          of  article 2 of the public health law, relating to the New York state
          health service corps
          The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and  Assem-
        bly, do enact as follows:
     1    Section 1. The labor law is amended by adding a new section 44 to read
     2  as follows:
     3    §  44.  New York state service corps. 1. There is hereby created a New
     4  York state service corps, administered by the New York state  department
     5  of  labor  in conjunction and coordination with the department of parks,
     6  recreation and historic preservation and the department of health.
     7    2. The New York state service corps  shall  provide  service  opportu-
     8  nities  for interested applicants, including youth, young unemployed men
     9  and women, recent high school, college, and post-secondary graduates, as
    10  well as recent retirees and individuals who have recently  completed  or
    11  are  pursuing  a  high  school  equivalency examination or program. Such
    12  service opportunities shall include, but not be limited to, (i) residen-
    13  tial and non-residential corps opportunities;  (ii)  one-  and  two-year
    14  fellowship   programs;  (iii)  internship  opportunities  for  currently
    15  enrolled students; (iv) programs authorized under any other  section  of
    16  law  including  but  not limited to New York state service corps - green
    17  jobs, conservation, and revitalization tracks and New York state service
    18  corps - health services track.
    19    3. All fellowship  and  internship  opportunities  maintained  by  the
    20  commission under this section shall be educational in nature, focused on
    21  providing  unique  opportunities  to  youth, young adults, graduates and
    22  retirees, and shall not wholly replace work currently performed  by  any
    23  civil service title.
         EXPLANATION--Matter in italics (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                              [ ] is old law to be omitted.

        S. 7078                             2
     1    4.  Applicants  for  any  fellowship  or internship under this section
     2  shall be placed in opportunities that are deemed most likely to  further
     3  an  applicant's  stated educational and professional interests, in order
     4  to provide the maximum educational value possible.
     5    5.  The  department  shall  maintain and operate a unified application
     6  process for service corps opportunities and shall work with  appropriate
     7  agencies  and, as appropriate, the New York state commission on national
     8  and community service to develop and administer service corps programs.
     9    § 2. The section heading and subdivisions 1 and 3 of section  3.23  of
    10  the parks, recreation and historic preservation law, as amended by chap-
    11  ter  128  of the laws of 1987, paragraph (a) of subdivision 3 as amended
    12  by chapter 717 of the laws of 1988, are amended to read as follows:
    13    New York state [conservation] service corps -  green  jobs,  conserva-
    14  tion,  and  revitalization tracks.  1. [A] The New York state [conserva-
    15  tion corps] service corps - green jobs, conservation, and revitalization
    16  tracks (hereafter referred to as the "corps") within the office is here-
    17  by established for the following purposes:
    18    a. To protect air, fish, forest, land, water and wildlife;
    19    b. To help maintain and improve  botanical  gardens,  historic  sites,
    20  libraries,  museums,  parks,  parkways,  refuges, trails, zoos and other
    21  recreational, artistic or cultural investments;
    22    c. To aid agricultural, fishing, forestry and tourist industries;
    23    d. To provide jobs and job  training  for  young  unemployed  men  and
    24  women,  especially  from  disadvantaged  backgrounds,  as well as recent
    25  graduates of high school, high school equivalency,  college,  and  post-
    26  secondary programs, to act as a stepladder to permanent employment;
    27    e.  To foster co-operation among civilian and governmental agencies in
    28  order to educate the public about state resources;
    29    f. To reinforce the "I Love New York" campaign;
    30    g. To take advantage of  the  capital  investment  in  facilities  and
    31  equipment  already  in  place from the programs of youth and young adult
    32  and civilian conservation corps paid for by federal dollars;
    33    h. To educate the  participants  about  our  natural  environment  and
    34  cultural  heritage,  teach  first  aid  and  disaster procedures, and to
    35  otherwise encourage them to further their education; and
    36    i. To do such other projects which provide disaster  relief,  increase
    37  energy  conservation, promote green jobs, improve fire prevention, beau-
    38  tify highways,  control  insects  and  rodents,  upgrade  public  lands,
    39  promote  resiliency  against  harm  from  changes in weather patterns or
    40  general climate change, enhance art and cultural resources, and revital-
    41  ize [urban areas] cities, towns, and villages.
    42    3. The corps shall consist of the following components:
    43    a. Summer: for youth enrollees, aged fourteen--[eighteen] twenty-four;
    44    b. Seasonal: for unemployed young adult enrollees, aged sixteen--twen-
    45  ty-four;
    46    c. Non-residential: for young adult enrollees,  aged  sixteen--twenty-
    47  four;
    48    d. Residential: for young adult enrollees, aged eighteen--twenty-five;
    49    e.  Volunteer: for interested persons of any age who are members of an
    50  organized group which has proper leadership and insurance;
    51    f. Crew Leader: for young adults, aged eighteen and over;
    52    g. Staff: for adults, aged twenty-one and up, who are needed  for  the
    53  few positions enrollees or crew leaders cannot fill; [and]
    54    h. Director: for adults, aged twenty-five and up, who are in charge of
    55  local  or  state  projects,  residential  camps,  or  overall program of
    56  corps[.]; and

        S. 7078                             3
     1    i. Fellow: for young adult enrollees, who will receive an  educational
     2  and  professional benefit from the experience provided any program oper-
     3  ated under this section, and who shall work for a  set-term  of  one  or
     4  two-years as determined by the office.
     5    § 3. Title 2-B of article 2 of the public health law is REPEALED and a
     6  new title 2-B is added to read as follows:
     7                                  Title 2-B
     9  Section 231. New York state service corps - health services track.
    10          232. Powers and duties.
    11    §  231.  New  York state service corps - health services track. 1. The
    12  commissioner shall establish within the department the  New  York  state
    13  service corps - health services track (hereinafter "corps"). The commis-
    14  sioner shall, in conjunction with the department of labor and, as appro-
    15  priate, the New York state commission on national and community service,
    16  have  central  responsibility  for  administering the provisions of this
    17  title with respect to increasing the availability of health services  in
    18  certain eligible facilities and institutions.
    19    2. For purposes of this title: (a) "health corps professional" means a
    20  nurse,  physician's assistant, dental hygienist, occupational therapist,
    21  speech-language pathologist, audiologist, physical  therapist,  midwife,
    22  other  health  professional  other  than  a physician or dentist, or any
    23  other professional with  demonstrated  proficiency  in  early  childhood
    24  health  or development who is determined by the commissioner, in consul-
    25  tation with  the  commissioners  of  education,  correctional  services,
    26  mental  health,  persons  with  developmental disabilities, secretary of
    27  state, and the president of the civil service commission, to possess the
    28  skills and training appropriate to the needs  of  eligible  institutions
    29  and facilities;
    30    (b) "eligible institutions and facilities" means: (i) facilities oper-
    31  ated by the department of correctional services, office of mental health
    32  and  office  of persons with developmental disabilities; (ii) non-profit
    33  agencies possessing operating  certificates  issued  by  the  office  of
    34  mental  health  or office for persons with developmental disabilities or
    35  under contract with the commission for  the  blind  and  visually  hand-
    36  icapped;  (iii) not-for-profit diagnostic and treatment centers licensed
    37  under article twenty-eight of this chapter which have a critical  short-
    38  age  of  health  personnel,  as determined by the commissioner and which
    39  serve the medically indigent and Medicaid eligible persons; (iv)  health
    40  care  facilities  operated  by the department, provided that at any time
    41  the total number of placements in such facilities shall not  exceed  ten
    42  percent of the total number of placements under this section; (v) in the
    43  case of midwives, not-for-profit facilities licensed under article twen-
    44  ty-eight of this chapter which serve the medically indigent and Medicaid
    45  eligible  women;  and  (vi)  an  education  program operated pursuant to
    46  section thirty-six hundred two-ee of the education law.
    47    § 232. Powers and duties.   The commissioner  shall,  in  consultation
    48  with  the  commissioners  of  education,  correctional  services, mental
    49  health, persons with developmental disabilities, secretary of state, and
    50  the president of the civil service commission, have the following powers
    51  and duties:
    52    1. to recruit and select health corps  professionals  for  service  in
    53  eligible institutions and facilities;
    54    2.  to  place  health corps professionals in eligible institutions and
    55  facilities pursuant to agreements with the appropriate  eligible  insti-
    56  tutions and facilities;

        S. 7078                             4
     1    3.  to  develop criteria for the selection of applicants for placement
     2  under this program including, but not limited to, the student's academic
     3  achievement, previous work experience in their chosen health  profession
     4  and  a  demonstrated  interest  in  working with institutionalized popu-
     5  lations, communities with serious health needs including but not limited
     6  to  populations with high rates of chronic illness or Medicaid eligibil-
     7  ity, and children under the age of five.
     8    4. to accept and expend any grants, awards or other funds or appropri-
     9  ations as may be available to effectuate  the  purposes  of  this  title
    10  subject  to the limitations as to the approval of expenditures and audit
    11  as prescribed for state funds by the state finance law; and
    12    5. to do any and all other things necessary to  carry  out  its  func-
    13  tions, powers and duties and to effectuate the purposes of this title.
    14    § 4. This act shall take effect on the one hundred twentieth day after
    15  it shall have become a law.